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Synonyms for profundity

Synonyms for profundity

intellectual penetration or range

deep, thorough, or mature understanding

Synonyms for profundity

wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound

intellectual depth


Related Words

the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas

the quality of being physically deep

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After a life-long quest for the profundities and meaning in life, he concluded: "My purpose is simple: to create a love of learning, and to make others, excited about their lives, healthier and happier as a result."
Spare me Your kind platitudes Worn out cliches New profundities. I tell you Time merely passes, Heals nothing.
In "Perfect!' Latham calls upon John Megatrends Naisbitt to weigh in with a few profundities that hint at a wave of coed health clubs a-coming.
Of course, it is the downside of having one's life written that one is in danger of being remembered for the human all-too-human truths it is a biographer's duty to track down - to remember Ruskin for his incapacity to consummate his marriage rather than for the profundities of his prose.
Brittain, dubbed the 'YTS Dalai Lama' by Brown, was a master of profundities, including 'Don't believe anything I say'.
The profundities of a Rembrandt, all these are values of our civilization.
Yet again, Channel Five dragged some tired old hacks and pundits out the pub to offer up their profundities on how Beckham can survive his transfer to Madrid.