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something won (especially money)


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"And your branch store absorbed the profits of the three small ones.
"And you absorbed the profits they had been making?"
"You are disgusted because the railroad has absorbed your profits?"
"Then the business game is to make profits out of others, and to prevent others from making profits out of you.
"Yes, that's it, except that we do not object to the others making profits so long as they are not extortionate."
Bumble,' he said at length, 'there's no denying that, since the new system of feeding has come in, the coffins are something narrower and more shallow than they used to be; but we must have some profit, Mr.
'Of course, of course,' replied the undertaker; 'and if I don't get a profit upon this or that particular article, why, I make it up in the long-run, you see--he!
I put these considerations, as frankly as usual, to Miss Vanstone; offering to write the Entertainment, to manage all the business, and to share the profits. I did not forget to strengthen my case by informing her of the jealousies she would encounter, and the obstacles she would meet, if she went on the stage.
Then, to raise money to reach England, I had to borrow from a man named Da Souza, and afterwards, in London, to start the Company, I had to make him my partner in the profits of the concession.
As it was, nobody having reason to complain of unjustly-diminished wages, nobody cared about any preferences in which profit was not involved.
At the time of the visit of the Tonquin, the islanders had profited, in many respects, by occasional intercourse with white men; and had shown a quickness to observe and cultivate those arts important to their mode of living.
The passengers, once on shore, were disposed, as usual, to profit by the occasion.
He found that the king had profited in more ways than one by his intercourse with white men.
Every student does not profit by a great teacher; but perhaps no young man ever came under the influence of Dr.
Such a student, if he be bright, will profit more by an experience like this than he could profit by all the books on sociology and economics that ever were written.