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without profit or reward

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On the other hand, I said that I would play the game fairly by you, and I do not think it is a fair game to allow you for one unnecessary moment to waste your energies upon a profitless task.
All now that remained was to ascertain the precise spot where the treasure lay buried, for otherwise he might dig at random in the neighborhood of the crosses, without coming upon the spoils, and he had already had enough of such profitless labor.
Obediently, then, with bowed head and brown finger alert to follow the pointer, did the chela study; but when they came to the Human World, busy and profitless, that is just above the Hells, his mind was distracted; for by the roadside trundled the very Wheel itself, eating, drinking, trading, marrying, and quarrelling - all warmly alive.
Agege ought to know that the NASS represents the collective interests of Nigerians; and that it will amount to futile hunting for him to engage in the attention-seeking venture and cheap publicity by gambling and dabbling into profitless politics of self-destruction.
Within business units, executives should eliminate any sources of profitless volume.
Although, in everyday speech, paid is the simple past tense form of the verb to pay, here paid has arrived into English from a different root to serve also as a noun; so that to put paid to, for instance, an idea or an article is to render the idea or article ineffective, nugatory, profitless, unserviceable, what-have-you.
The government via NASA did, and the value of the endeavor continues to pay off today, profitless.
And of the great-souled man he declares, "He is a person who will rather possess beautiful and profitless objects than objects which are profitable and useful, for they mark him more as self-sufficient.
With this strategy, in the words of Varun Sivaram, who follows the solar industry at the Council on Foreign Relations, "solar is headed down a path of profitless prosperity.
And like past four years of no gas supplies, it had suffered similar obstructions and so always remained profitless.
Haunted by profitless prosperity" was how Rock Products described it.
It explains that until Google came along, internet search was a profitless activity.
Solar is heading down a path of profitless prosperity", says Sivaram.
In an industry like aviation, with very lumpy capacity increases (you cannot introduce half an aircraft), profitless growth and indeed revenue-less growth, is both all too easy and all too common.
But that means following laiddown procedures to the letter, and not opening itself up to legal challenges that could bog it down in profitless wrangling that never ends.