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without profit or reward

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The complicated and lofty ranges bore a noble aspect of durability -- equally profitless, however, to man and to all other animals.
On the other hand, I said that I would play the game fairly by you, and I do not think it is a fair game to allow you for one unnecessary moment to waste your energies upon a profitless task.
Obediently, then, with bowed head and brown finger alert to follow the pointer, did the chela study; but when they came to the Human World, busy and profitless, that is just above the Hells, his mind was distracted; for by the roadside trundled the very Wheel itself, eating, drinking, trading, marrying, and quarrelling - all warmly alive.
All now that remained was to ascertain the precise spot where the treasure lay buried, for otherwise he might dig at random in the neighborhood of the crosses, without coming upon the spoils, and he had already had enough of such profitless labor.
This could further damage the bears who subscribe to Target's "profitless growth" thesis, he said.
Determined to create a proud legacy for his son, Marty transforms his profitless wasteland and pioneers the sustainable food movement in Chicago.
Not right because such chats - these profitless (and so apparently pointless) face-to-face human exchanges - are part of the fabric of all local communities and one of the key benefits, at least as I see it, of running our day-to-day lives via actually leaving the house.
Mining has become profitless for both enterprises and individuals who run cryptocurrency mining machines, because of which they are selling off their mining devices at relatively low prices.
"There is going to be more cost go into the banks, and it's going to be profitless cost because it's going to go into compliance," said John Guadagnuolo, head of investment at Antares Capital.
Yet, that growth so far has been largely profitless for the airline industry.
NNA - The owners of private power generators on Thursday rejected the price of privately-generated electricity recently set by the Ministries of Economy and Energy and Water Resources, announcing that they will sue Caretaker Economy Minister, Raed Khoury, for depicting them as "mafia." "The LL410 per kWh set by the Ministry of Economy and Trade is unfair and profitless; it will cause us loss and bankruptcy," Ahmad Younes said on behalf of the owners, in a press conference held at Habtoor Grand Hotel, Sin-el-Fil.
But there are things you can do to take better advantage of the next couple years, and to be better prepared for painful years-including figuring out how to deal with the inflation that will be coming, reducing your price sensitivity, retaining your people, driving efficiencies with technology, investing in hard assets now, and learning how to manage profitless prosperity.
One could argue the winner in this recent collaboration is the Trump-friendly New York Post, which Refinery 29 reports has been 'profitless for decades' under Murdoch's ownership 'and has faced the possibility of folding several times.'
'Agege ought to know that the NASS represents the collective interests of Nigerians; and that it will amount to futile hunting for him to engage in an attention-seeking venture and cheap publicity by gambling and dabbling into profitless politics of self-destruction.
Within business units, executives should eliminate any sources of profitless volume.