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Under the measure, Anti Rice or Corn Hoarding and Profiteering Task Force shall be established in every province, city and municipality to monitor the inventory level of all rice or corn mills, warehouses and stockhouses to determine their respective monthly stocks of rice or corn.
Nazif was given one-year suspended jail sentence for profiteering and three-year jail sentence and fined nine million Egyptian pounds (USD 1.
Investigations also revealed that he agreed to assign land to Yehia El-Komy and Emad El-Hazek in New Cairo worth more than LE 23 million, with the purpose of profiteering.
Accusations that they are profiteering are totally unfounded.
The state was profiteering at the expense of consumers through the prices it was charging for electricity and water and contributing as much, if not more than the private sector to the high cost of living.
But to use a political situation, and especially the threat of war to ``price gouge'' is a form of ``war profiteering,'' Mays said.
Profiteering is the act of charging exhorbitant prices to capitalize unreasonably on a shortage.
TAC calls on people in every country to mobilize against drug company profiteering on Monday 5 March 2001.
And we would be concerned if this sort of profiteering becomes a trend in the restaurant business.
The supermarkets said they were delighted they weren't accused of profiteering.
As the Krakow ghetto is liquidated and endless waves of Jews are squeezed into concentration camps or loaded onto trains, Schindler finds the Nazis' lists increasingly repugnant and his own profiteering more and more distasteful.
This landmark judgment is another warning shot across the bow to corporate insiders who seek to undermine the system through illegal profiteering," said Sirianni.
Reiterating that campaign for protection of consumers' right would continue in its truest spirit and adulteration of all sorts would be eliminated for good, he said profiteering is also be discouraged.
D I KHAN -- The district administration has imposed fine of over Rs 74,000 on shopkeepers and vendors for profiteering and overcharging in the holy month of Ramazan.
The deputy commissioner has issued strong directions for taking action against the unethical business elements, especially who are fleecing people in the holy month of Ramzan through unfair practices including overcharging and profiteering, said an official source.