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Anwar Kamal arrested 7 persons during crackdown against profiteering and encroachments on Charsadda Road and Bacha Khan Chowk.
I clearly agree to conduct a hearing by the trade and industry [committee] to know if there was undue advantage and there was profiteering.
profiteering and encroachments while AAC Salahuddin Khan arrested 13 profiteers
Under the bill, profiteering exists whenever basic necessities or prime commodities are being sold without price tag, misrepresented as to standard measurement or is adulterated.
Investigations also revealed that he agreed to assign land to Yehia El-Komy and Emad El-Hazek in New Cairo worth more than LE 23 million, with the purpose of profiteering.
Similarly, AAC Salahuddin carried checking of different shops and restaurants in Tehkal and University Road and arrested 14 persons for profiteering, poor cleanliness conditions and erecting of encroachments.
He found 13 shopkeepers involved in overcharging and profiteering besides imposing a total fine of Rs 34,000 on them.
Additional Assistant Commissioner, Tariq Hussain carried out raids in Paharipura area and arrested 16 persons for profiteering and erecting encroachments outside their shops.
Commissioner (AAC), Fazal Rahim conducted operation against encroachments and profiteering in Sikandarpura and arrested 12 persons including the owners of bakeries and sweets while AAC Qaiser Khan Kundi arrested 14 persons from University Road.
In this connection, the Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC), Qaiser Khan Kundi arrested 14 persons for profiteering from Board Bazaar and University Road while AAC Tariq Hussain during raid in Fawara Chowk arrested 11 persons for erecting encroachments and profiteering.
Road and some areas of Hashtnagri and arrested 12 persons on charges of profiteering and display of goods outside their shops.
Additional Assistant Commissioner Tariq Hussain conducted raid in Fawara Chowk area in Saddar Bazar and arrested 11 persons on charges of profiteering.
According to the details, administration has taken serious note of shopkeepers profiteering, hoarding and fleecing their customers during Ramzan, a private news channel reported.
FAISALABAD -- Price Control Magistrate Riaz Hussain Anjum imposed fine on 13 shopkeepers during past 12 hours on charge of profiteering and overcharging.
During the checking, she also inspected different poultry shops and arrested four shopkeepers for profiteering, not displaying price list and poor cleanliness conditions.