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Casaubon gravely hoped that Will was passing his time profitably as well as pleasantly in Rome--had thought his intention was to remain in South Germany--but begged him to come and dine to-morrow, when he could converse more at large: at present he was somewhat weary.
If, through their consideration for his partner's innocence, the affairs could ever be got into such train as that the business could be profitably resumed, and its present downfall overcome, then his own share in it should revert to his partner, as the only reparation he could make to him in money value for the distress and loss he had unhappily brought upon him, and he himself, at as mall a salary as he could live upon, would ask to be allowed to serve the business as a faithful clerk.
We did not come to the other port (the wind being contrary) for five days; but it was very much to our satisfaction, and I was thankful when I set my foot on shore, resolving, and my partner too, that if it was possible to dispose of ourselves and effects any other way, though not profitably, we would never more set foot on board that unhappy vessel.
Then, with an elevation of breeding that many in a more cultivated state of society might profitably emulate, one of the chiefs drew the attention of the young men from the weakness they had just witnessed, by saying, in a cheerful voice, addressing himself in courtesy to Magua, as the newest comer:
All that is original in us, and therefore fairly creditable or dis- creditable to us, can be covered up and hidden by the point of a cambric needle, all the rest being atoms contributed by, and inherited from, a procession of ancestors that stretches back a billion years to the Adam-clam or grasshopper or monkey from whom our race has been so tediously and ostentatiously and un- profitably developed.
The system of rates was turned upside down; the flat rate, which can be profitably permitted in small cities only, was put in force in the large cities, and the message rate, which is applicable only to large cities, was put in force in small places.
It was Planchet, who brought into play profitably the recollections of the regiment of Piedmont.
Thus the half-hour crept profitably away, and at last Miss Bartlett rose with a sigh, and said:
Tarzan had spent those intervening weeks pleasantly and profitably. He had amassed a considerable fund of knowledge concerning the disposition and strength of German troops, their methods of warfare, and the various ways in which a lone Tarmangani might annoy an army and lower its morale.
I suggest that we return at once to Rotherfield and then take counsel as to how we shall most profitably employ the years which lie before us."
In his new role, he will help lead the strategic direction of the company as it seeks to profitably grow with its agency partners.
The decision underpins Tokio Marine Group's strategy to develop and enhance its specialist businesses in the UK and Europe profitably and efficiently, the company said in a statement.
Jassim Al-Siddiqi, chairman of GFH, said: "We are pleased with the continued growth in profitably and strong performance delivered by the group in 2018.
SPEAKER of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara on Monday said that the House would continue to ensure that due process is followed in governance business, and will continue to insist that public investment be managed professionally and profitably.
The Paper Office for the Digital Age: Forms, Guidelines, and Resources to Make Your Practice Work Ethically, Legally, and Profitably, 5th Edition (CD-ROM included)