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Synonyms for profitableness

the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome

the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit

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expresses the specific profitableness of the roundabout, reduced per a vehicle in the roundabout's varied traffic flow.
The polarization in opinions is mainly in two directions: "analysis of the economic effectiveness of organization" (54%) and "analysis of the financial profitableness" of the organization (50%) (Fig.
the total fund of money capital is distributed among the firms so that each firm pays the same rate of interest, the marginal profitableness of money capital is the same for each firm.
But only a comprehensive economical analysis can give an answer about the profitableness of this kind of production.
Continuous assessment of the impact of various changes in the external environment on the internalized costs determines the change of correlation parameters between wages, profitableness and risk of bankruptcy.
We are speaking then of the analysis of profitableness of investment and of planning the implementing process.
Specifically, Hayek (1995a, p.125) argues that Keynes's treatment of the process by which current output is produced is flawed precisely because he views that process as "an integral whole in which only the prices paid at the beginning for the factors of production have any bearing on its profitableness." In other words, Keynes does not recognize that production comes in stages and capital goods sit in specific places in that staged process, or, in Menger's terms, that capital goods can occupy different orders in the structure of production.
They conclude that the agglomerations determine in a first phase the diminution of the firms' profitableness, due to the lack of barriers at the entrance of the clusters and to the increase in quantity of low quality products.
Having got the positive economical result, the profitableness of meat increased to 271% and the wool profitableness increased to 320%.
* Economic factors: costs profitableness, organizational efficiency and labor productivity growth (e.g.: in 2008, CEZ Romania started the implementation of Progress IV project--project which aims at the structural transforming of the company).
To evaluate through the profitableness of the company, three elements are necessary for the calculation:
The individual is liable to no peculiar biases, in making up his mind in respect to the profitableness of an investment.
Kieffer & Co's Caloric Printing Press, 1861) 19-20: "The position of the New Testament is neither anti-slavery nor pro-slavery in our modern sense of the term, but rises above all partisan views ...; it never meddles with its political and financial aspects and leaves the system as to its policy and profitableness to the secular rulers.
It was only "from the latter point of view [that] he had defended the large farm system on the profitableness of corn growing ..." [quoted in Beckett, 1983, p.
He insisted on the need for proper "commodity production and circulation" to be regulated on the basis of "cost accounting and profitableness" bequeathing thereby a dangerous legacy for the future also by conferring "socialist legitimacy" on the traditional authoritarianism of the "disciplining market" whose fateful consequences are familiar to us all.