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Synonyms for profitable

Synonyms for profitable

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yielding material gain or profit

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A corporate goal of profitable growth might be supported by three strategic business initiatives: growth and diversification, product innovation and customer retention.
Some of your high value customers may be using a combination of your products, but using them in a way that is not profitable to your bank.
From the hospital's perspective, they see some of their most profitable lines of business moving away, creating a less financially favorable patient mix.
Specifically, he wants to know the most profitable product mix, whether the company has the capacity to meet demand with that mix and the value of adding capacity.
For most CEOs, finding the next wave of profitable growth is at the top of their agenda, along with global sourcing, cost cutting and dealing with Sarbanes-Oxley.
Professional management steers a family-owned group into profitable niches.
are increasing their share of value, while B2Cs, B2Bs, ISPs/ASPs, and consultants have lost share," Byrne says, adding that "value is rapidly flowing to the few remaining profitable companies.
Disney has become more profitable this year,'' Rockwell said.
The significant number of highly leveraged transactions in recent years, coupled with the more recent economic recession, may place many once profitable corporations in a net operating loss (NOL) position.
Healthy, often profitable businesses are being debilitated and even killed off by corporate managers bent on maximizing short-term return to please Wall Street investors.
Information for profitable companies is shown side by side with that for unprofitable firms to aid in comparison.
Profitable growth is the key to unlocking long-term value creation, and no management process exerts more influence on the profitability of growth than capital management.
Everyone wants to be profitable, but in this business, understanding the difference between the appearance of profitability and the reality of profitability can be exceptionally difficult.