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making the profit as great as possible

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In fact, the monopolist can set the profit-maximizing amount to sell by setting the profit-maximizing price.
While the firm-determined product price exceeds marginal cost at the profit-maximizing quantity of output for a ppm, marginal revenue will equal marginal cost there; similarly, although the firm-determined wage is less than marginal revenue product at the profit-maximizing amount of labor for a rpm, marginal labor cost will equal marginal revenue product there.
Such reasoning implies the fundamental principle of price stability: inflation will remain low and stable if and only if departures from profit-maximizing markups are expected to be relatively small and transitory across firms, so firms are content to raise prices at the existing low inflation rate on average.
The profit-maximizing solution also assumes risk neutrality.
The institutions are much more powerful than individuals, which makes all the more frightening their single-minded profit-maximizing efforts.
If a carrier's target audience is price pickers, for example, service improvement results in further deviation from the profit-maximizing position, because if the per-passenger profit is held fixed the service improvement leads to price increase (i.e., lowering the positioning angle).
As such, history is seen in terms of the perennial rise of the middle class, the gradual removal of feudal obstacles serving to hinder the innate profit-maximizing nature of the rationally self-interested individual.
In the author's words, "Economists have historically concentrated on the analysis of markets while treating the organizations in them as black boxes that act as profit-maximizing entities, (and)...behavioral organization theorists have largely focused on the internal aspects of organizations, ignoring the forces of markets in which those organizations exist." In this collection, Jensen bridges these two disparate views, utilizing rigorous economic analysis to forge a superior understanding of both the firm and the individuals who are its employees, partners, and owners.
In medicine, it might be profit-maximizing in the guise of science.
Corollary 1: In a vertical channel characterized as successive monopolies in which the manufacturer leads the retailer, without acknowledged distribution services, the manufacturer's choice of the profit-maximizing wholesale price, [w.sup.*], is determined, in part, by a pass-through elasticity, [Eta] = (dp/dw)w/p, defined on the interval (0,1) such that the intermediate price elasticity, [[Epsilon].sub.w] = - ([Delta]D/[Delta]w) (w/D(p(w))), equals [Eta][Epsilon] and [[Epsilon].sub.w] [less than] [Epsilon].
The women's garment trades were more than simply an area of profit-maximizing business.
Diagram 2 presents the intertemporal planning perspective of a profit-maximizing firm for which frictions are important constraints on actions.
If a player is able to commit itself to a disagreement strategy prior to negotiations, it will not simply choose a strategy that maximizes its payoff in case of impasse, but rather it will choose a strategy in order to place itself in an advantageous bargaining position.(2) In our example of a unidirectional externality we find that if the firm has the prior property right to pollute it will commit itself (if it is able) to producing more than the profit-maximizing level of output in case negotiations or arbitration fail.
The contradiction created by the railway's two roles, as a public service enterprise and as a profit-maximizing business, is the most important theme in the book.
A new approach for establishing the profit-maximizing price must focus on measuring the relative perceived value of a product.