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making the profit as great as possible

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The sports economics literature contains extensive analyses of the impacts of salary caps on competitive balance across a range of sporting leagues in the settings of both profit-maximising and win-maximising clubs.
While the AFL is best characterised by a win-maximising assumption rather than a profit-maximising assumption, their results in regime B where there is a binding salary cap restriction for large clubs are interesting to our research on explaining the share of player payments in total revenue.
Thus, the theoretical modelling makes clear that in both the profit-maximising setting and the win-maximising setting the combination of revenue sharing and salary caps leads to reduced player salaries in the static case.
While AFL clubs are win maximisers and not subject to the same incentive structures as profit-maximising MLB clubs, there is some evidence that in the mid-1990s before the merger of Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears, Fitzroy adopted a low payment strategy as a survival option.
While directionally positive, Basel 3 does not cure the structural challenges banks continue to face from a credit perspective, such as illiquidity and high leverage, nor does it alleviate the tension between profit-maximising equity holders and bank managers in contrast to risk-averse bondholders," notes Senior Vice President and co-author of the report Alain Laurin.
Students might be interested in what I call the "JR method" for obtaining profit-maximising price in three lines, without resorting to either technique.
Robbie Introuble - might lack sufficient early pace and class to land the Springbok, but type to win a sackful of graded hurdle events at Wimbledon this year; eight of his ten career wins have come when clad in stripes - if that's not a profit-maximising punting pointer, Sittingbourne is in Sussex
Limiting-factor analysis, for example, is used when a company has a short-term internal constraint, such as a lack of skilled labour, in order to determine the short-term profit-maximising sales mix.
profit-maximising - and avoiding chronic fatigue syndrome - is to specialise.
It is now possible to calculate the profit-maximising price, since profits are maximised when the marginal cost (200 [pounds sterling]) equals the marginal revenue (500 - 0.
The next step is to calculate the profit-maximising price.
Owners pay almost everything to have some fun from the sport and have received a pitiful crumb of financial contribution from two significant profit-maximising commercial industries - bookmaking and racecourses - who use the product, our sport, for their own ends.