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making the profit as great as possible

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(2016) develop a bi-level model with a profit-maximising storage investor at the upper level and market clearing at the lower level.
Specifically, we posit that storage capacity is owned by either a profit-maximising standalone merchant investor or a welfare-maximising storage operator.
In their 1987 research paper, John Blair and Robert Premus argue that trade-offs among various business variables are an important factor in determining profit-maximising industrial locations.
Trade-offs among factors such as wages, energy and transportation costs need to be considered in finalising profit-maximising industrial locations and SEZs.
The sports economics literature contains extensive analyses of the impacts of salary caps on competitive balance across a range of sporting leagues in the settings of both profit-maximising and win-maximising clubs.
While the AFL is best characterised by a win-maximising assumption rather than a profit-maximising assumption, their results in regime B where there is a binding salary cap restriction for large clubs are interesting to our research on explaining the share of player payments in total revenue.
Let's be clear - the big bookmakers and racecourse groups are profit-maximising companies, driven only by commercial considerations.
In the same chapter the authors raise a second issue, posed oddly from an American point of view: "Why would a profit-maximising firm choose voluntarily to seek out and to bargain ex-ante with an established union when there are no economic, social or political pressures so to do?" (p.
"While directionally positive, Basel 3 does not cure the structural challenges banks continue to face from a credit perspective, such as illiquidity and high leverage, nor does it alleviate the tension between profit-maximising equity holders and bank managers in contrast to risk-averse bondholders," notes Senior Vice President and co-author of the report Alain Laurin.
Students might be interested in what I call the "JR method" for obtaining profit-maximising price in three lines, without resorting to either technique.
Robbie Introuble - might lack sufficient early pace and class to land the Springbok, but type to win a sackful of graded hurdle events at Wimbledon this year; eight of his ten career wins have come when clad in stripes - if that's not a profit-maximising punting pointer, Sittingbourne is in Sussex!
Limiting-factor analysis, for example, is used when a company has a short-term internal constraint, such as a lack of skilled labour, in order to determine the short-term profit-maximising sales mix.
profit-maximising - and avoiding chronic fatigue syndrome - is to specialise.
It is now possible to calculate the profit-maximising price, since profits are maximised when the marginal cost (200 [pounds sterling]) equals the marginal revenue (500 - 0.02d).
Owners pay almost everything to have some fun from the sport and have received a pitiful crumb of financial contribution from two significant profit-maximising commercial industries - bookmaking and racecourses - who use the product, our sport, for their own ends.