profit sharing

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a system in which employees receive a share of the net profits of the business

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Unemployment is aggravated by profit sharing in this paper if it cuts into net profits enough to induce a substantial exodus of capital from the market.
Other plans limit profit sharing to production workers, but include indirect labor such as supervisors and maintenance personnel.
Profit sharing and gainsharing are variable and contingent compensation strategies tied to organizational success (or failure) in the marketplace.
This can have the effect of a much larger cash outlay that keeps increasing due to the creeping gift tax bracket Over the years, we have been involved with an exciting estate planning technique that allows for the acquisition of large amounts of survivorship life insurance in profit sharing plans to assist in solving significant estate tax problems.
What about other pay systems, especially profit sharing? Profit sharing also has some history of interaction with notions of social uplift.
Kruse's dual focus is the influence of profit sharing on productivity and on employment stability.
Martin Weitzman and Douglas Kruse's paper on Profit Sharing and Productivity examines theory in order to develop a plausible connection between profit-sharing and an increase in productivity.
In "Profit Sharing and Productivity," Weitzman and Kruse discuss the use of profit sharing as a means to improve productivity.
Reich's failure to address the role of the smallerfirms is particuarly surprising, since these firms are most often the ones on the leading edge of experimentation in employee share-ownership, gain sharing, profit sharing, and employee involvement in general--from failed People Express to stellar Apple to my favorite trio of steelmakers, Nucor, Chaparral, and Worthington Industries.
"Members receive 100% of any profit sharing earned.
The company recently paid the workers its annual profit sharing as defined by Peruvian Labor Law.
Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE: HRL) on Wednesday distributed its annual profit sharing of USD17.5m to eligible hourly and salaried employees during this 78th annual Thanksgiving Eve Day tradition.
(NYSE: LUV) said it will contribute approximately USD228m directly to employees through its profit sharing plan this year.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C), which had returned to profitability in 2010, has awarded four senior executives up to USD12m in profit sharing, which is conditional on the bank's future profits.