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To the latter therefore, the assistance, or rather connection that was proffered to him, seemed to produce a mutual advantage.
The proffered gold-sacks were not withdrawn, though their owners were guilty of an outrageous burst of merriment.
He had proffered one to the girl but she had refused, and thus they sat in silence for some time, the silence of the night ruffled occasionally by the faint crunching of padded feet upon the soft sands of the gorge's floor.
He had proved that no one was there, but in that fact lay all the interest; and he proffered no explanation.
She proffered it to Miss Reade and, as the latter took it into her singularly slender, beautiful hand, I saw a ring on her third finger.
Micawber accepted my proffered arm on one side, and the proffered arm of Traddles on the other, and walked away between us.
GOV Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State on Tuesday charged the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, to proffer solutions through research toward addressing the six pillars of developmental agenda of his administration.
Additionally, the court will also address government's contention-that is whether National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) boss Dewitt vonBallmoos and his wife Rhonda can legally proffer their property as surety for Mr.
Fathom Events and Meteor 17, founded by music and media producer Spencer Proffer, have entered into a long-term "First Look" and production agreement for projects to premiere on the Fathom Events platform, with Proffer serving as the event and added-value content producer.
We at for Support for MSN Billing proffer to you a big team of engineers that are accessible 24X7 to provide to all youre billing connected difficulties.
In a letter to the NMB, the Teamsters requested that the agency make a so-called proffer of arbitration to the union and Kalitta Air.
One of the ways to keep this from happening is by making an appropriate proffer to preserve an appellate court's ability to review any unfavorable evidentiary rulings.
Amanda Proffer, the daughter of Michelle and Peter Proffer of Oakridge, is salutatorian.
Ramallah: July 15 -- (BNA)-- Arab48 Lands come under the brunt of a general strike today in rejection of the Israeli "Proffer Plan" which stipulates the confiscation of hundreds of acres of lands belonging to Al-Naqeb Arabs and the transferring of thousands of Arabs villagers from their homes.
Due to overwhelming interest and response to the Proffer Family Explorer scholarship awards, the date to select and announce the winners has been extended.