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Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professorate. New York: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
Will an ossified professorate that guards its privileges and traffics in prestige take a gamble on a new model for graduate education?
(18) As set forth in the next Parts, the skills/doctrine dichotomy has produced palpable harm to our students, our professorate, and our profession.
Nonetheless, the professorate plays an important role in the academic achievement of underprepared students and the college student of color--a pivotal and crucial role in both their social and academic success.
Over the past five years, we have seen the corporatizing influence creeping into higher education with the same narrative applied to the professorate. Employers, we are told, have complained that students are graduating from college unprepared for the challenges of 21st-century America.
The doctoral degree in counselor education is formulated to prepare candidates for the professorate and all of the duties it entails, including research, service, and teaching.
In the student evaluation literature, there is more research on the effects of professor gender than professor race on student ratings, probably because non-White professors are such a minority in the professorate. Field research regarding potential biases in student ratings is challenging for other reasons as well.
The term we use is "teaching-scholar." As a teaching-scholar my philosophy on the mission of the professorate is summed up in the words of former Occidental College president, John Slaughter, who stated that, "Research is to teaching as sin is to confession.
Sheets (2003) stated that it takes more than admirable intentions to prepare a culturally sensitive workforce: "While we currently may have the ability to inspire, we have not demonstrated the capacity to educate a professorate who can prepare pre-service candidates to succeed in diverse settings" (p.
Two of them widespread criticism of higher education's disconnection from communities and growing concern about the professorate's exceedingly narrow definition of research--originated outside the institutions ...
(3.) For more quantitative analysis of the Professorate, see "Does How You Measure Representation Matter?: Assessing the Persistence of Canadian Universities' Gendered and Colour Coded Vertical Mosaic," by Howard Ramos, this volume.
Driven in part by the current world economic situation, globalization of education, the consumerisation of IT, and "digital natives" as the emerging majority of students, universities are experiencing profound challenges related to financing, changes in pedagogy, the preparedness of the professorate, and the pressure to link outcomes to economic drivers.
Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professorate. Princeton NJ: Carnegie Endowment for the Advancement of Teaching.
Informal processes of an entrepreneurial university according to their rank are, respectively, as follows: training professorate, teaching resources, and rewarding environmental processes.