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Synonyms for professor

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Philander," remonstrated the professor, "this unseemly haste is most unbecoming to men of letters.
Philander--" screamed Professor Porter, as, metaphorically speaking, he himself "threw her into high." He, too, had caught a fleeting backward glimpse of cruel yellow eyes and half open mouth within startling proximity of his person.
With streaming coat tails and shiny silk hat Professor Archimedes Q.
But here it seemed to Levin that just as they were close upon the real point of the matter, they were again retreating, and he made up his mind to put a question to the professor.
The professor, in annoyance, and, as it were, mental suffering at the interruption, looked round at the strange inquirer, more like a bargeman than a philosopher, and turned his eyes upon Sergey Ivanovitch, as though to ask: What's one to say to him?
"You don't see my children, Professor!" the Warden exclaimed, taking him by the shoulders and turning him round to face them.
The Professor laughed violently: then he gazed at them through his great spectacles, for a minute or two, without speaking.
"I can't, my dear professor, much as I should like to."
What's its name?" and he looked questioningly at the professor.
When gouty Professor Wadley limped down to his seat there were general affectionate inquiries from all parts of the hall as to the exact state of his poor toe, which caused him obvious embarrassment.
The uproar of his advent had not yet died away when Professor Ronald Murray, the chairman, and Mr.
The center enclosure contained Professor Maxon's workshop.
Professor Maxon scarcely ever left the central enclosure.
A bell summoned him to dinner at one o'clock, and he found the Frau Professor's guests assembled in the drawing-room.
There were the two daughters of the Frau Professor, the two other girls, one of the American students, and Philip.
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