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become professional or proceed in a professional manner or in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood

make professional or give a professional character to

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As we begin our second 25 years, it is valuable to reflect on lessons from the first 25 years, and use them as process guidelines--not to copy, but to address a need to reassess where we are as a profession and as an organization, to reassess our directional truth, to re-envision how best to move forward positively to meet member needs, continue to expand and professionalize our work, and to keep the importance of our interpretive work a strong element of our vision.
The Nova Scotia Chemists' Society is taking steps to professionalize chemistry in NS, following other groups, often necessary as a means to rein in those who do not practise their profession responsibly.
Its automatic inspection systems are said to ensure and professionalize quality control and yield management.
International military education and training and foreign military financing funded training in counternarcotics operations, resource management, logistics, and equipment maintenance provides the tools to professionalize and modernize the Salvadoran military.
officials previously acknowledged giving 2,600 used firearms to the Haitian National Police last year to help re-equip and professionalize the force.
In order to professionalize this system, we need uniform standards, training to the standards, and accountability.
I would argue that the subordination of nurses was far more about physicians' attempt to gain cultural authority and to professionalize, in an era when many other professions were doing the same thing.
People who run the school are trying to tell us that the school is important to teach democracy in order to professionalize soldiers," he said at the University of Dayton.
The proliferation of training programs entails an understanding of the complexity of airport policing and an attempt to professionalize it.
Michele Friedman, director of Camelot Camps in Woodmere, New York, was recognized for her work to professionalize the field of camping through her involvement with the ACA New York Section and the Tri-State Camping Conference.
Efforts to professionalize these foundations further blunted criticism of the most egregiously acquired fortunes.
We keep our eyes on the emerging international markets, which will need our business and educational information as their standards of living improve and their financial markets professionalize.
Neiman agrees that before taking their business public, the owners should professionalize it.
Under Carol O' Cleireacain, commissioner of the Department of Finance, and David Goldstein, president of the Tax Commission, both the Department and the Commission are becoming more generous with information as they professionalize, computerize and generally open their procedures to public review and comment.
Professionalize The Job: Becoming increasingly popular in hospitals, and more and more so in long-term care, is giving RNs the responsibility for case management.