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Synonyms for professionalise

become professional or proceed in a professional manner or in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood

make professional or give a professional character to

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Responding to the findings in the inaugural Van Excellence Review, FTA has outlined the need to professionalise the UK van fleet and as a result has 'thrown down the gauntlet' to van operators not already accredited by Van Excellence scheme to join forces and raise standards in their day-to-day operations.
We feel passionately about taking action to professionalise the UK van pare, empowering and inspiring all to raise standards, improve safety and encourage the commercial success of UK pic.
But FTA believes it is now time for more to 'step-up-to-the-plate' and help professionalise the fast growing industry.
It is claimed that all of this is part of a process to professionalise the role of teaching assistants.
These were to promote the game, to professionalise the man-agement and to prepare the way for Scotland to become a full one-day international and Test nation.
On the party's role at Westminster, Mr Kennedy will say there is a clear challenge to professionalise.
As we continue to drive the transformation of the Thomas Cook Group, I am pleased to announce the completion of my executive committee, another step on our journey to further professionalise the group, break down regional silos and realign leadership responsibilities to accelerate the delivery of our strategy for sustainable profitable growth, Green said.
MUSCAT: With Oman going the Premier League way on its road to professionalise the game, Sayyid Khalid Al Busaidi, chairman of Oman Football Association, said the future of football in the country looks bright.
Our vision to promote the game in a professional manner has seen success and we are still driving on the road to fully professionalise the game in the country where the future of football looks bright,a€Y Sayyid Khalid noted.
Gresham has been a fantastic partner over the past five years and helped professionalise our business among other improvements.
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