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playing basketball for money

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USA], Sep 05 ( ANI ): Looks like Kendall Jenner and American professional basketball player Blake Griffin like each other's company.
Expressive traits were found to contribute positively to spectators' attitudes toward women's professional basketball but not men's or women's college basketball.
One of the pupils attending the basketball course said: If I had the opportunity to become a professional basketball player I would, but I would need more time.
The importance of examining affect lies in its power to influence spectators' responses to women's professional basketball.
When they come to us they all have aspirations of playing professional basketball.
Barkley does an artful job of discussing his interpretation and influence on apartheid, while at the same time talking about the details of the NBA that make him a quasi-expert on the current and future state of professional basketball.
Before you chuck your plans of playing professional basketball, be advised that long nails can make you sick.
Although the first ABA folded in 1976, there is now a new ABA, which promises to bring back the fun and excitement the league once provided to professional basketball.
Talk about unlikely ancillary products--a professional basketball team, a professional hockey team, and an arena.
Meanwhile, the government has paid multimillionaire professional basketball star Scottie Pippen, for instance, $130,000 from "Soil Reservation Funds.
The stars of women's professional basketball are making fast breaks on the courts as well as in the children's publishing field.
To fill the time ordinarily reserved for professional basketball, Fox Sports Network broadcast Hockey East games and hired Lane Advertising in Salem, Mass.
In February, the Tax Court revisited the issue of professional sports and personal service corporations in the case of Alan Leavell, a professional basketball player who established such a corporation to execute a player contract with the Houston Rockets.
NBA commissioner David Stern says, "The CBA has firmly established itself as a highly competitive league and as an integral part of professional basketball.
PHOENIX -- Synergy Sports Technology, the leader in providing video and statistical-based scouting reports to professional basketball teams, announced today that it is entering the college basketball market by providing complimentary access to its "Offensive Tendencies Scouting Reports.
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