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an open avowal (true or false) of some belief or opinion

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Known offscreen as a flamboyant bad boy, Cheung was finally ready to publicly discuss his sexuality in a 2001 Time interview, where he claimed, "It's more appropriate to say I'm bisexual." He made waves at concerts by donning drag (designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, no less) and professing love to his partner of 18 years, Daffy Tong (whom fans dubbed "Tong Tong").
While he scoffed at conventional budget practices in corporate America, professing a preference for "stretch" budgets, he conceded: "We never made a stretch goal while I was there, but we did better than we would have done otherwise."
Some churches have taken to professing "he descended to the dead" whenever they had previously professed "he descended into hell." And we might also include the descent in our recounting of the Paschal Mystery realized in Christ during the Nicene Creed: "He was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered, died, and was buried.
They are professing atheists, but in many ways their practices are closer to Christian teaching of service and love than many in our society.
Professing to need more time to study the issue is a weak (if time-honored) excuse.
Recently, the estate planning community has been deluged by articles, seminars and other forms of presentations professing the benefits of family limited partnerships as the estate planning tool of the 1990s.
A total of 311 major superiors (84 percent of those responding) reported that they had no one professing perpetual vows in 2010; 46 major superiors (13 percent) reported one woman professing perpetual vows, and 12 major superiors (3 percent) reported two or more.
SIX men caught wearing paramilitary uniforms yesterday admitted professing to belong to the outlawed Ulster Volunteer Force.
to manipulating the internal policies of other countries to prop up or install 'pro-American' leaders without popular support, is not an appropriate policy for a country professing a commitment to freedom."
Leeds fans still coming to terms with relegation to the Football League,have already vented their anger that a player who has spent his entire career professing loyalty to the club has so actively sought a transfer to the team they hate the most.
question: Can presbytery place a call in the hands of a minister when there is no reliable professing membership number to be inserted in the call document?
As pointed out earlier, while professing one thing, the government is doing another.
But just as there is a long way from personally professing Jesus as Savior to really experiencing him as Savior, there seems to be a long way between proclaiming him as Savior and really letting him be the Savior of his spouse, the church.
As University of Massachusetts at Amherst professor Daphne Patai and Indiana University professor Noretta Koertge reported in their 1994 book, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales From the Strange World of Women's Studies, the assumption that women's studies constitutes the academic arm of the feminist movement is quite common in women's studies departments.
We should also encourage them to make public profession of their faith in Christ or to transfer their membership and make the public vows of commitment that are part of becoming a professing member of the church.