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Synonyms for productivity

Synonyms for productivity

the quality of being efficient


Synonyms for productivity

the quality of being productive or having the power to produce

(economics) the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time

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"A major priority today for the UK Government is to boost productivity as well as achieve greater 'spatial rebalancing' of the economy to address the so-called north-south divide in terms of GDP per capita.
The AI based productivity engine has many features which include the ideal time calculator, productivity predictor, and leadership nudges.
A number of research studies showed strong correlation between availability of resources with faculty member's research productivity.
The first symposium in the issue containing four articles is on explaining slower productivity growth in Canada and is based on papers presented at two sessions of the annual meeting of the Canadian Economics Association held at McGill University in June 2018.
A second argument is that there is a lag before new technologies raise productivity, because businesses need to adjust operations to take advantage of them and that takes time.
Aftab Masood who is currently Head of GPC NPO department said that Green Productivity focuses on productivity improvement and environmental protection, the central element of the GP methodology is the examination and re-evaluation of both production processes and products to reduce their environmental impacts and highlight ways to improve productivity and product quality.
NatWest's research, carried out by Cebr and entitled Addressing the Regional and Sector Productivity Gap, analysed the productivity of SMEs in the UK to identify potential changes they can make to improve their productivity.
The report said 51.4 percent of the 2,448 establishments implementing productivity measures have availed of tax incentives as provided for under the law.
The Director-General, National Productivity Centre (NPC), Dr Kashim Akor, said that productivity was globally acknowledged as critical to driving competitiveness and integration into the global economy.
Abdul Ghafar, CEO National Productivity Organization, Pakistan (NPO), said that APO strengthens the capability of the National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) and other institutions to provide productivity promotion, training, and consultancy services to the public and private sectors.
Productivity was 15.1% below the average for the rest of the G7 group of countries last year, a slight improvement from the 15.5% recorded in 2015.
Private nonfarm business sector multifactor productivity decreased at a 0.2-percent annual rate in 2016, the U.S.
Productivity in Singapore's Retail and Food Services Sectors: Contemporary Issues
OCTOBER is National Quality and Productivity Month in the Philippines.
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