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the introduction (usually by an advertising campaign) of a new product or product line

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From an ECR point of view, the original thought was that new product introduction was a very inefficient process that cost everyone money.
Within the industry, the goal of efficient product introduction must be to rivet the attention of the industry on how to sell products to consumers, not how to buy products from suppliers.
Doug DeVries, senior vice president, agricultural marketing for Deere's North American, Australian and Asian Division, proudly points out that the company's new product introduction in August 2001 was the single largest in the company's storied history.
* New Product Introduction (Project management, product launch)
This product introduction represented a monumental discovery in the way these bullets perform at conventional and Hornady's "2016 New Products Overview" was 3 awarded a Bronze Telly award.
Scheduled highlights included a presentation on the company's use of 3D X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning to develop next-generation healthcare devices, and on its New Design and Product Introduction Center in Dallas for single-use and electro-mechanical Class I, II, and III devices.
* IDEA13 Equipment Achievement Award, given to the company with the best equipment new product introduction since MEAN.
SANTA CLARA, CA--PCD&F announced the winners of the 2012 New Product Introduction Awards for PCB design.
Question: How can you inject new interest in an existing product line of teas without exposing your company to the high costs and risks associated with a new product introduction?
The highlight of the 3P product introduction is Sumo Tec, which features a series of tungsten carbide grades to meet the contemporary machining challenges of the metal cutting industry.
During the past three years, Brushfoil has accomplished a successful product introduction into Europe, achieved a threefold increase of its Guilford facilities to 15,000 square feet, and in 2007 earned ISO 9001:2000 certification and expanded distribution of its products into the South American market.
"The result, a complete coordinating tabletop solution that's unmistakably Nambe." The fall market will also see the largest product introduction in the history of the company, he added.
The acquisition will significantly expand Delta Coatings' product line and will augment its R&D and product introduction capabilities.
According to the report, a perfect product launch requires integration of new product introduction with sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning and execution, and service--or the entire product lifecycle.
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