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Synonyms for produce

Synonyms for produce

to bring forth (a product)

to bring (a product or idea, for example) into being

to form by artistic effort

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

Synonyms for produce

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EIA estimated Venezuela's producible oil reserves at 99.
In his 1894 article he places all entries having this element in a single group, which he labels "closed sounds" (gescholossene Laute), seemingly corresponding to the traditional hekou [TEXT NON PRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
We are eager to continue under contract to further develop, integrate, and test the VCOP system to ensure that the resulting commercial design is producible and supportable.
If the wire line electric logs indicate producible oil and gas in the Olmos reservoir, the well will be completed as the Company's sixth oil and gas producer from this zone in the Leighton Project.
We have taken the leadership position by offering the only commercially available embedded CAM compilers producible in TSMC and UMC processes.
If the logs confirm producible Olmos reservoir then the well will be completed for production from the Olmos.
It is planned to complete the MR #1 for production from the Olmos if it contains producible oil and gas bearing Olmos reservoir.
Specialist technical analysis of the Eagle Ford Shale is being undertaken using wireline logs and rock samples to determine the thickness of the Eagle Ford Shale and whether it contains producible oil and gas.
Once drilled, the plan is to collect data on the Eagle Ford Shale to evaluate whether it could contain commercially producible oil and gas.