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Synonyms for produce

Synonyms for produce

to bring forth (a product)

to bring (a product or idea, for example) into being

to form by artistic effort

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

Synonyms for produce

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The board also asked for a plan to deal with the 7th Street Produce Market, which has dozens of individual vendors in one location.
The main role of chlorine is to prevent a contaminated piece of produce from spreading pathogens to other pieces during washing.
Shear--A machine that cuts metal scrap (after it has been condensed) to produce uniform shapes for shipping.
Now we can determine if engineering Geobacter to produce more of this cytochrome and/or modifying the electrode to better interact with the cytochrome will result in more power production," he says.
This plant produces good yields of high molecular weight rubber, is easy to tissue culture and transform, and meaningful rubber phenotypes can be obtained within six months.
Justin Mark Stew, aged 24, of Avocet Close, Aldermans Green, Coventry, using a vehicle without a test certificate and failing to produce a test certificate, fined pounds 40.
She calculates that burning processed sugar cane waste to produce one kilowatt of power can cut costs by 50%.
Together, these two agriculture powerhouses are yielding produce that delivers attributes important to consumers.
The farming and refining process needed to produce one gallon of ethanol requires the equivalent of 1.
It is more difficult to produce a smooth surface with low gloss levels, but we have been able to accomplish that.
Established in 1988 and Certified Organic in 1999 we sell wide variety of produce including some small fruit.
1) Vaccines could be engineered to cause the body to produce antibodies already known to work.
A primary reason for the potential growth is that produce buyers' and sellers' markets are highly fragmented.
It requires understanding the biology of how a particular type of produce "breathes.