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Thus, in the process of asserting the prodigiousness of his poetic powers and describing their growth, Wordsworth creates a work that is itself prodigious both in length and in seeming grandeur.
While prodigiousness in abstraction is not an uncommon aim of contemporary painters or cultural aggregators, Zuckerman-Hartung's work is noteworthy in that it is based on carefully considered principles, not just attitude or cool disinterest.
Yet this exempla of mnemonic prodigiousness has been much admired throughout history, as Frances Yates states in The Art of Memory: "[Pliny's] little anthology of memory stories in his Natural History [was] constantly repeated in the memory treatises of after times" (41).
In today's amazing world of technical prodigiousness, she is even more an example of someone who contributed something to dancing beyond herself, beyond her technique.
Violinist Julian Rachlin matter-offactly notes that Mozart "must have been crazy to some extent." But conductor Jonathan Miller begs to differ, asserting that, as was the case with Shakespeare, Mozart's prodigiousness "seems to be associated with a perfectly normal psychological existence." Music historian Imogen Cooper marvels at the "cheeky response" of piano to orchestra during the opening strains of Piano Concerto No.
Such prodigiousness has, Mitchell insists, pursuing the economic metaphor, undermined the value of the image, so that "the connection of images to solid substance has become tenuous:" The currency of the great bank of nature has left the gold standard: images are no longer guaranteed as visual truth--or even as signifiers with stable meaning and value--and we endlessly print more of them.
This was possibly due to the sheer prodigiousness of his energy and talent--beyond even his own power to control and harness.
With a fabulous makeover that would make Rikki Lake jealous, Caswell leads the new toy Machine with prodigiousness, ATV-ability, and an unrufflable good nature.
In his heavily autobiographic work Boomerang, Hannah implies the prodigiousness of existence, toning down Sartre's pessimism by mingling his recollections of childhood with punches of humor nonetheless containing the potential for great destructiveness.
"Proletarian revolutions, like those of the nineteenth century, criticize themselves constantly, interrupt themselves continually in their own course, come back to the apparently accomplished in order to begin it afresh, deride with unmerciful thoroughness the inadequacies, weaknesses and paltriness of their first attempts, seem to throw down their adversary only in order that he may draw new strength from the earth and rise again, more gigantic, before them, recoil ever and anon from the indefinite prodigiousness of their own aims, until a situation has been created which makes all turning back impossible, and the conditions themselves cry out: Hic Rhodus, hic salta!
For all we have tried to find in the music of Korngold, a composer dogged by his childhood prodigiousness and stultifying acclaim for his incredible precocity, something original and treasurable, the best we can finally say of him is that, yes, his was a talent ideally suited to Tinseltown and the silver screen.