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  • verb

Synonyms for procure

Synonyms for procure

to come into possession of

Synonyms for procure

get by special effort

arrange for sexual partners for others


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It is usually not possible for any single library to procure all the materials that are relevant to its users.
In turn, libraries were finding it difficult to procure alternate resources due to limited funds.
According to Ed Brown, MTMC's Global Domestic Business Processes ,Branch chief who spearheaded the new program's development, the command will now procure all transportation services involving recurring shipments or long-term contracts under the FAR.
As stated above, a brokerage commission is generally earned when the broker procures a ready, willing and able prospect and there is agreement between the parties with respect to all of the material terms customarily encountered in the transaction.
Ofex-quoted Netalogue Technologies announces its JV company, Procure Sure Limited today signed a three-year agreement with Cendant's Preferred Alliance group for its European e-procurement solution which promises to provide major savings to participating companies through its strategic partner programmes.