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a person authorized to act for another

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(ancient Rome) someone employed by the Roman Emperor to manage finance and taxes

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24 Court and Procuratorial Organ Expenditure as a Share of Provincial GDP CPE/GDP 460 0.
The procuratorial organs prosecuted 42,473 suspects of smuggling, financial fraud and illegal business operations.
The group mainly squeezed money from individuals or companies by calling them in the name of police or procuratorial staff and threatening to accuse them of money-laundering crimes," said Liu Ancheng, deputy director of China's Criminal Investigation Bureau.
82) Augustus had structured the defense of eastern Anatolia on client-kings in Armenia, Commagene and Cappadocia, which after its annexation as a procuratorial province in 17, remained inermis.
Hu Jun, 24, was charged with causing the wrongful death of the girl, nicknamed Yue Yue, in the southern city of Foshan on October 13, the official Procuratorial Daily newspaper said on its website.
It includes a general report on "Legal Development amid reform: A Review of 2007 and Predictions for 2008," as well as thematic reports on legislative developments in China; administrative rule of law; judicial reform (including procuratorial reform, People's Court reform, and legal service reform); legal developments in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao; and development of international law.
The May 24, 1955 Statute on Procuratorial Supervision in the USSR enlarged the arena of the Prokuratura's supervisory authority, including expanded powers of protest.
In this respect, one must mention first and foremost materials from the regional level, the acts of procuratorial investigations by the special commissions for Kirov oblast, on the basis of which Berdinskikh reconstructs diverse aspects of life in the special colonies (70-94).
According to the Chinese Constitution and relevant laws, the people's courts and the people's procuratorates exercise judicial power and procuratorial power independently in accordance with the law,'' it states.
Between 1967 and 1976, law schools (including the one at Wuda) closed down, the procuratorial system completely dissolved, and most legal professionals were forced out of their positions and into mandatory "reeducation.
China Procuratorial Press, 1990) and its enlarged edition,
In February 1976 he was admitted into the People's Liberation Army, where he served until October 1997, when he accepted a position in the editorial offices of the Beijing Procuratorial Daily.
Other categories of tile-stamp include the imperial, procuratorial, and civic, the first indicating that there was a tilery under imperial ownership as early as Nero's reign, the last concentrated in and around Gloucester, where it is claimed that excavation 'was restricted as to depth by Government parsimony' (p.