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having stems that trail along the ground without putting down roots

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b) Ray cells: Showing parenchymatous cells of high upright cells and procumbent cells measuring from 22-25 [micro]m to 50-55 [micro]m (Fig.
Plants shifted toward a more procumbent growth habit and slightly broader leaves (lower leaf shape value), suggesting that the more procumbent plants and/or those with broader leaves were less susceptible to winter damage under BARC conditions (Table 2).
Plants terrestrial or lithophytic, large, up 160-180 cm tall, with suberect to procumbent, not arborescent, sometimes short-creeping, rigid, scaly rhizomes, without stolons.
Repentia: main axis procumbent or decumbent, forming secondary haptera on the ventral face; primary axis arising from the dorsal face; receptacles compressed to flattened.
Multiseriate ray structure: 0 = heterocellular; 1 = homocellular composed of upright cells; 2 = homocellular composed of procumbent cells
3E) either erect or procumbent, and some of them longer than the tibia's width.
Most farmers have been buying fertiliser from traders at Sh3,200 or more after the government halted importation of subsidised fertiliser due to problems in procumbent.
According to him, procumbent is one of the laws that its provisions are necessarily required to be upheld, therefore, the Procurement Act stipulates that a breach of any provisions of the Act constitutes an offense, and the punishment for such a breach, is imprisonment of up to five years.
In Luskhan there are seven premaxillary teeth, the mesialmost teeth (1st premaxillary alveoli) being procumbent and separated from the other alveoli (Fischer et al., 2017) while in MP111209-1 there are four premaxillary teeth similar in size.
By applying the terms "upright," "procumbent," and "square," to ray cells as seen in radial section, most authors conclude their investigations.