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an endoscope for examining the rectum

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5% phenol in almond oil was taken in a disposable insulin syringe and well lubricated proctoscope was inserted gently in the rectum.
Each of the arteries is gently sutured through a small operating window of the same proctoscope, making this technique extremely gentle and safe.
Using a short tube called a proctoscope, your doctor grasps the haemorrhoid with forceps and attaches a rubber band around the base using a banding instrument.
Internal haemorrhoids are not palpable on digital examination and are diagnosed with a proctoscope.
A beveled metal proctoscope was used to disimpact the distal-most 10 cm and then a rigid sigmoidoscope was used to clear the colon of quinoa-laden fecal material to a total distance of 18 cm.
The TEM technique uses rectal endoscopy to introduce a specially-designed proctoscope connected to a CO2 insufflation system that dilates the rectum.
Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD) is performed with a dedicated proctoscope outfitted with a Doppler transducer.
"Even the richest, most educated among us doesn't know a proctoscope from a horoscope," Stark says.
The various forms of fiberscope (arthroscope, proctoscope, etc.) consist of a bundle of transparent fibers through which images can be transmitted, enabling surgeons to probe the human body, focus on minuscule bits of tissue, enlarge and project these bits on a monitor, and operate on this "technologically enhanced" tissue with previously impossible accuracy.
Five percent phenol in almond Oil was taken in a disposable syringe with 20 gauge spinal needle and a well lubricated proctoscope was inserted gently into the rectum.