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the position of proctor

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Future valve enhancements may reduce the need for intense training and proctorship. Finally, comparator cohort includes historical learning curve with utilization of first-generation valves and low device success rate.
Rural PI was further described as a lack of some element necessary to complete the professional role, such as peer support, mentorship, proctorship, continuing education, or technology, coupled with the practitioner's perception that the necessary element was missing in his or her professional life.
Alternatively, privileges could be granted with the stipulation of a required proctorship and/or a period of focused review.
He recommended starting out by taking a single-incision endoscopy course--the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery offers an excellent one, he noted--then doing a preceptorship with a surgeon who's accomplished in the procedure, followed by a proctorship, in which an experienced surgeon visits the trainee's practice and assists in several cases.
(25) In the case of a mutuum, Duns Scotus rejects the consumptibility argument that ownership cannot be separated from the use of money on the basis that Franciscans, who held property at this time under the papal proctorship established by Nicholas III, would then be unable to use money.