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Synonyms for proctor

someone who supervises (an examination)


watch over (students taking an exam, to prevent cheating)

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79 12 Student's academic performance increases when personal touch is given outside the class through proctorial system .
The school has worked very hard, with some proctorial prodding, to ensure that students are fully informed of what is expected of them, but we have still had to deal with too many pieces of submitted work which are seriously plagiarised or show only the barest grasp of good practice in the citation of source material," he said.
To implement the agenda points, he said it was suggested during the meeting that a Proctorial Board for Narcotics control should be made in each university which will be comprised of Chief Proctor from faculty of the university, one staff proctor from each department, one lady teacher to monitor female hostels and two senior proctors.
Sayers then explains how marks on the document dorse can indicate curial registration, proctorial activities in the two papal courts of audience, further document fees (for draft preparation, engrossment, and bulling), the fact that the document was a renewal, the identity of the document's messenger, the circumstances of delivery, archival location, archival registration, document resumes, and further notarial or custodial activity.
They found a large number of college staff -- from members of the proctorial board to peons -- standing at the gate to deny them entry to the classes.