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Synonyms for proctor

someone who supervises (an examination)


watch over (students taking an exam, to prevent cheating)

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Earlier the Chief proctor Zulfiqar Ali Anjum presented a briefing on the formation and objectives of the proctorial board and resolved to settle the issues before going to the office of vice chancellor and also to set best examples of discipline as well.
79 12 Student's academic performance increases when personal touch is given outside the class through proctorial system .
LUTA condemned the conduct of university proctorial board describing it as restriction on freedom of speech and expression.
When the students' internal appeal was heard and dismissed by the Reserve Proctorial Board, the students commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria seeking judicial review of the decisions of the Committee and the Board.
Sayers then explains how marks on the document dorse can indicate curial registration, proctorial activities in the two papal courts of audience, further document fees (for draft preparation, engrossment, and bulling), the fact that the document was a renewal, the identity of the document's messenger, the circumstances of delivery, archival location, archival registration, document resumes, and further notarial or custodial activity.
Following a complaint by her, the JNU administration held a proctorial inquiry that found Kanhaiya guilty.
The council's decision more than one month after the Proctorial Board had decided to impose the ban on their movement in the campus and barred them from all the facilities except attend the classes and visiting library.
The school has worked very hard, with some proctorial prodding, to ensure that students are fully informed of what is expected of them, but we have still had to deal with too many pieces of submitted work which are seriously plagiarised or show only the barest grasp of good practice in the citation of source material," he said.
Her name has come under scrutiny as it has come to light the Proctorial Board and the executive council of the university decided to punish the five students and activists of Ambedkar Students Association following their clash with supporters of the BJP's student wing, ABVP, on campus.