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a doctor specializing in diseases of the rectum and anus

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After this inadequate evaluation, the proctologist may follow your primary physician's lead and offer what I call an "I don't know but use this cream" diagnosis.
The colonoscopy required a proctologist to knock me out, run a camera up five feet of my colon, and use his expertise to read the results and determine whether I had cancer or pre-cancerous polyps.
Even your proctologist might try to peddle the close-ups.
I always advise Sellers that due diligence can be like having your tonsils a proctologist! Some Buyers will want to do a top to bottom complete due diligence of the Seller's Company before indicating a general price range and terms.
Melville becomes cetacean gastroenterologist or proctologist and discusses "an essence found in the inglorious bowels of a sick whale!" The substance is thought to be produced as a coating for undigestible pieces of squid residue such as the beak.
Form-wise the Villans are in and out more often than a proctologist's finger - very uncomfortable for punters.
After the age of 45-50, it is preferable to visit a proctologist at least once every two years in order to prevent the disease.
I think this is a fantastic idea, but I give you fair warning, when I win a race sponsored by a proctologist they can keep the trophy!
My proctologist says I won the lottery, but somehow I don't feel very lucky.
He or she may help or refer you to another doctor who specializes in treating conditions that affect the colon, rectum and anus, such as a gastroenterologist, proctologist, or colorectal surgeon.
In one video, Upson, wearing a gingham Playboy bunny getup and clear plastic jumpsuit, conflates psychologist and proctologist as she dissects surrogate Larry's rectum, moderating the operation like a Robin Byrd-style talk show host.
A kibitzer walks by an office shared by a psychiatrist and a proctologist. Unable to control his impulses, he writes over their names: "Specialists in odds and ends."
To this kind of imagery--which one would have to be a proctologist to truly enjoy--one can only say that the eighteenth century was a robust age and that Hogarth, like his idol Swift, was more robust than most.
AA itself was founded by a proctologist and a financial analyst--their first recruit was an attorney!
I found a bed for Basia at Pirogowa Hospital of the Medical Academy in Lodz." There, Basia was cared for by proctologist Jarosyaw Cywinski, who found a growing abscess and a fistula--an opening in the body through which pus was seeping.