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pain in the rectum

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A good endoscopic evaluation is important in these patients, and once organic pathology is ruled out, a diagnosis of proctalgia is appropriate, she said.
We found 4 sentences on proctalgia fugax that, remarkably, seemed to cover the topic adequately.
There are many names for hypertonus diagnoses involving these symptoms including: levatores ani syndrome (Nicosia, 1985; Salvanti, 1987; Sohn, 1982), tension myalgia (Sinaki, 1977), proctalgia fugax (Swain, 1987), coccygodynia (Dittrich, 1951; Thiele, 1937; 1963; Waters, 1992), dyspareunia (Glatt, 1990), vaginismus (Hall, 1952), animus, vulvodynia (MacLean, 1995; Marinoff & Turner, 1992; Reid, 1993; Secor, 1992), vulvar vestibulitis (deJong, 1995; Spadt, 1995), interstitial cystitis, pudendal neuralgia (Turner, 1991), pelvic pain (Baker, 1993), and urethral syndrome (Steege, Metzger, & Levy 1998).
If sufficient in size, depending on its relationship with the outflow tract, such abnormality produces a true cul-de-sac near the staple line causing entrapment of fecal material, proctalgia, and soiling [21] and is seen to adversely affect the speed and effectiveness of contrast evacuation.
* Two had proctalgia (neuralgia of the lower rectum) with hypertonic sphincters.
Soft stool, intermittent diarrhea, and abdominal cramping persisted, along with proctalgia. Results of blood tests, including a complete blood count, biochemical profile, and liver function tests, were normal.
The obvious deficits are the usual cautions about relying on any information from a single source, the relatively superficial nature of manual-type information, and the absence of coverage of more obscure topics (eg, one will not find proctalgia fugax in Strategies).
There are many different diagnoses associated with CPP including vulvar pain syndromes, interstitial cystitis, levator ani syndrome, piriformis syndrome, vaginismus, anismus, dyspareunia, proctalgia fugax, constipation, pelvic floor tension myalgias, endometriosis, pudendal neuralgia, and/or rectal pain.
Doing some test searches revealed that Harrison's had information about "somnambulism" (eight sentences) and "bruxism" (two short paragraphs plus two mentions), but not "proctalgia fugax."