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a standard that is enforced uniformly without regard to individuality

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The editorial by Russell Mannion and Mark Exworthy on '(Re) Making a Procrustean Bed? Standardization and Customization as Competing Logics in Healthcare' is both well written and well observed.
Although there is a small but growing body of research exploring continuity and change in healthcare organizations through the prism of an institutional logics perspective, (40),(41) there remains an urgent need for more sustained work exploring how the competing logics of standardization and customization are articulated, adapted, blended and/or resisted on the front line of care delivery (36) and indeed how such logics interact and contribute towards (re)making (or dismantling) the Procrustean bed in modern healthcare.
"Genetic explanations of behavior derived from evolutionary theory have become a Procrustean bed," argued Larcher, who wrote a paper on the subject with BYU Wheatley Institution Director Richard Williams.
(Re) Making the Procrustean Bed? Standardization and Customization as Competing Logics in Healthcare.
As for Andrey Zvyagintsev, he asserted, "choosing seven awards out of 21 films is almost impossible; it's like a Procrustean bed. We can't say any more, as we signed a confidentiality agreement.
When the current government fully implements its planned education policies, all high schools will be put on the Procrustean bed, for an "egalitarian" ground in the extreme competition for matriculation.
This intuitive understanding of others, this ability to connect and relate is what made him an insightful critic, eminently respectful of texts, never subjecting them to the Procrustean bed of academic practice or the high wire of theory, able instead to illuminate the detail that alters the way we think about an author, or think tout court.
Synopsis: What do we fail to see when we force other, earlier cultures into the Procrustean bed of concepts that organize our contemporary world?
So, even when the analysis strains to bind these thinkers to the Procrustean bed of the Kluge-Negt counter-public sphere model, one feels rewarded with a well-told story of intellectual history.
The world has remained for him "so various, so beautiful, so new" that he does not want to fit it all into a procrustean bed of narrow theoretical preconception, as do so many of the various -ists of the ideologically balkanized humanities departments of universities.
On the other hand, too often that approach becomes a Procrustean bed into which the author is forced to fit his account.
It has a coherent literary genealogy, one that Saint-Amand situates in a number of practical, cultural, and literary ties, practices, and "sociabilities" ranging from friendship (cf., the morbid, if deliriously hilarious, anecdote concerning Jean Keck, Ernest Cabaner, a shared pair of clothes and an apartment fire, 51-52); salons such as those of Nina de Callias and Antoine Cros; and, last but not least, what the author refers to perspicaciously as the "nebuleuse Parnassienne i.e., a complex, loosely affiliated movement whose poetic and socio-political diversity resists simple reduction to what is by now a surely familiar heuristic Procrustean bed of, among other things, "impassibility" and "social disengagement" (54-61).
When events in the Middle East refuse to fit into this Procrustean bed, the West is often left helpless in its cluelessness.
The book is more of an attempt to fit Polish history into the Procrustean bed of a neo-Marxist script than a biography.
Colt was, for better or worse, lashed to the Procrustean bed of mil-spec.