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Synonyms for procreative

of or relating to reproduction

Synonyms for procreative

producing new life or offspring

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It is even clearer that preconception prospective parents do not already stand in a procreative relationship with their future child; the process of creation has not yet begun.
Opponents of the traditional position often point to actual social practices to belie the claim that the procreative and unitive aspects of sex are linked.
People are raising questions around procreative aspects of sex and the idea of a perfect family which presupposes the presence of a man, his wife and their children.
Legally guaranteed access to health services for surrogates thus becomes a privilege, where the rights of some individuals and couples to reproduce and exercise procreative agency are valued but not others.
''The natural, procreative potential of opposite-sex couples distinguishes that group from same-sex couples,'' Campbell said.
In part this is because the project to nurture one's children together is such an arduous task and thus inconsistent with a persistently selfish hedonism and because the procreative intention generates the practical logic of an other-centeredness as part of the natural dynamism of that intention.
According to Bulgaria's Penal Code, a sex change operation might be classified as the crime of impairing a person's procreative fuctions, thus mandating a special court permission for each single case.
Patriarch Rahi paid tribute to the most outstanding 13 Christian families from the standpoint of the Church; The first seven families were deemed renowned for their procreative fertility and openness on prospective large family numbers.
I wish to be clear at the outset that I think the traditional emphasis on the procreative natural end of the "marital act" (13) reflects important truths about human sexuality: that it is intrinsically and essentially ordered to procreation by its natural (i.e., physical) structure and teleology (i.e., what it naturally tends toward, like the ordering of eating to nourishment), and that there is an indissoluble link--to be explained below not in terms of procreative function but of significance or meaning--between sexuality and procreation (and between marital love and procreation).
Also, for the measurement of fresh forage yield sampling of two square meters in each plot and the leaf, stem, procreative organs were chosen to determine separately.
It is one thing to say that "Dante would have accepted without demur Thomas' position" (85); it is a more far-reaching claim that the procreative telos of sexuality (I could find no mention of its unitive function here) is one of the "main truths of sexual morality" (84).
In John Robertson's exposition of procreative liberty he claims that procreative rights may be limited if an interest can be counted as distinctively procreative and if the negative impact of reproducing or not reproducing justifiably trumps procreative choice.
Should the constitutional right to procreative liberty extend to assisted reproductive technologies?
This Part explains the procreative rights involved in cases of sterilization, birth control, and abortion, and fleshes out the issues of privacy involved in cases of nonprocreative sexuality.
German romanticism and science; the procreative poetics of Goethe, Novalis, and Ritter.