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Synonyms for procrastinator

Synonyms for procrastinator

someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness)

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Some procrastinators are helped by recognising that the life well-led usually entails accomplishment.
The survey included measures of procrastination, delay across domains, self-perception as procrastinator, and parenting measures which were presented in the same order as below.
Summary: They're always putting it off till the last minute but are procrastinators more productive and creative?
Worse, the procrastinator might find it too difficult to achieve his goals and brace for a disastrous future.
Are you a procrastinator? The fact is that I don't know many people who don't procrastinate in at least some area of their life.
Woe to the procrastinator. The wages of sin may be death, but the wages of procrastination are long lines.
Ferrari (Eds.), Counseling the procrastinator in academic settings (pp.
@amyweaverracing You know you're being a champion procrastinator when you stumble across a website called "stuff that looks like Jesus"!
Second, she is a procrastinator, changing our meeting times constantly.
A high score signified that an individual was likely to be an active procrastinator. The total coefficient alpha reliability [alpha]was .77 in this study, and the mean score of the 16 items was used for attaining the total score.
The country awaits a leader and not a procrastinator. We would love to see Rahul Gandhi transform his party by empowering its cadre, but we would first like to hear him share his vision of the country's future.
Normally, the procrastinator will work on less important responsibility, rather than fulfilling the more important obligations, or he may use his or her time extravagantly in some minor activity or pleasure.
How to Get Stuff Done A perpetual procrastinator finds a solution to her putting-things off:
As any procrastinator knows, nothing would ever get done if it weren't for the last minute.
"I'm constantly thinking and I'm not a procrastinator," she said.