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Synonyms for procrastination



Synonyms for procrastination

the act of procrastinating

slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it

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Procrastination in college students: The role of self-efficacy and anxiety.
Laura Citron, chief executive of Visit London said: 'Vacation procrastination seems to be a very real problem, with more people than ever putting off taking a break to check experiences off their bucket lists.
By the way, saying that you work best under pressure is a cop out and just a weak way to try to justify your procrastination.
The researchers suggested that staff should try to discover why their managers are prone to procrastination, and also take part in any decision making, to help combat the issue.
The screenwriter behind the popular US television series The West Wing, when asked about his reputation for putting off writing until the last minute, responded: 'You call it procrastination, I call it thinking.'
What made The Procrastination Economy: The Big Business of Downtime relevant to me was that I read the book while waiting.
"This is really an opportunity for writers to explore ways to overcome procrastination and move forward with their creative endeavors," said Farrell.
On the other hand, excessive procrastination can become a problem and interrupt normal functioning which is caused by laziness, lack of willpower or lack of interest.
Overall task aversiveness, fear of failure, dependency, decision making and risk taking were common reasons for indulging into academic procrastination.
By examining the four main locations of the procrastination economy (the workplace, the commute, the waiting room, and the "connected" living room) Professor Tussey illuminates the relationship between the entertainment industry and the digitally empowered public.
This game show app is a perfect example of the procrastination economy: It asks participants to plan their day around a short, scheduled distraction, with advertisers paying to sponsor it.
I say dreaded, but only one member of our household was a tax resident of Canada last year, and her procrastination is a formidable talent.
When Claire started tracking which students were heavy users of writing assistance at the Educational Resource Center (ERC) at Boston University, an intriguing pattern appeared: based on tutor notes, repeat visits by the same student often correlated with procrastination behaviors by that student.
Procrastination is a prototypical motivational phenomenon, and is defined as a functional delay or tendency to rush (Chu & Choi, 2005; Steel, 2007; Steel & Konig, 2006).
The article examined the relationship among Problematic Mobile Phone (PMP) usage, academic procrastination and academic performance among college students.