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the position of proconsul

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Because America was never a true colonial power, however, the idea of proconsulship here was more controversial.
As a result of his uncouth pronouncements, Patton's otherwise astute and vocal anti-communist rhetoric found little support, and indeed gave him very little margin of tolerance when his proconsulship of Bavaria later ran into trouble.
39 for sensitivity to the short duration of the proconsulship, the beginning of which is disputed but probably fell in the middle of April (Clarke 1972: 1053 n.
The inscription below the pediment indicates that the temple was dedicated in 183-4 by a Roman senator who had risen to hold the proconsulship of Asia.
The Tarsus Preface refers to the period of the proconsulship of Theodosius the Younger.
In one instance, he was considered to be so valuable that he could demand a prefecture from Aulus Gabinius during his proconsulship in Syria in 55, even though the first plan had been that he should participate only as a private citizen.
On their return, they wrote glowing accounts of his efficient and statesmanlike proconsulship, in which they discerned elements that France itself might draw lessons from.
Authors such as William Borden, John Dower, and Michael Schaller - rejecting the "traditionalist" view that the American proconsulship was benevolent in attitude and liberal in outlook - have stressed the impact of the Cold War and the class interests of U.