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the position of proconsul

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Thompson makes the case for the redesign of the current Combatant Commands in "Breaking the Proconsulate: ANew Design for National Power." Building on the precedent of the pacification program established during the Vietnam War, Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS), the author calls for the restructuring of the military-heavy Combatant Commands into truly interagency organizations.
Its author, most probably, was an aristocrat who, Tacitus tells us, returned from a vigorous proconsulate in Bithynia to Nero's court, where he held the unofficial title of "elegantiae arbiter." The Satyricon -- produced by 66, when Petronius committed suicide--recounts the misadventures around the Mediterranean of one Encolpius.
Aemilius Frontinus, who held the consulship probably between 164 and 168 and the proconsulate of Asia probably under Commodus, and his senatorial brother Aemilius Sulla; see Guey (1954), pp.
Nonetheless, success in a conflict such as the Global War on Terrorism requires that the US government break these old habits and the proconsulate system that sustains them.