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  • verb

Synonyms for proclaim

Synonyms for proclaim

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

to make known the presence or arrival of

Synonyms for proclaim

declare formally

Related Words

state or announce

affirm or declare as an attribute or quality of

praise, glorify, or honor

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Hymns were not techniques, therefore, but were a proclamatory part of the fiber of life together under God, and as such they communicated the faith.
But to complain, as I am doing, about the assertive and proclamatory style of writing in People Like Us may be churlish.
They go back to Luther's most radical understanding of an evangelical, proclamatory, faith-filled religion.
The one still seems transformational, the other proclamatory.
As the vision of the kingdom of God recedes from the consciousness of Christians the cloth unravels, the threads pull apart, and some Christians hang onto one thread and others onto another thread; some identify the church primarily in its teaching function, others in its prophetic or proclamatory mode, others as a moral community dedicated in service to the poor or the powerless.
Cinders' is exhilarating reading, partly because it calls up certain intuitions that seem to lie embedded in the bones of many people, partly because of Hulme's gnomic and often proclamatory style, which is much like the early Wittgenstein, but with added joy.
The summoning drum beats, his self-blown trumpet blares, the proclamatory music of his triumphant salvatory progress, north and south, east and west, coast to coast, through the cities, hick towns, villages and hamlets of the States.
Accordingly, size lost its proclamatory meaning, and an artist who wishes to employ this sign of intended significance-that a work is to be addressed under the aspect of the masterpiece-- must accordingly go beyond bigness, to the gigantesque or even the colossal.
From them, indeed from all the "sainted" faithful, the proclamation of the church lies within the ecclesial context of martyria--that proclamatory witness that draws each faithful individual toward the transformed reality of "blest communion, fellowship divine," wherein despite our feeble struggle all are gathered into "one within [God's] great design.