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  • verb

Synonyms for proclaim

Synonyms for proclaim

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

to make known the presence or arrival of

Synonyms for proclaim

declare formally

Related Words

state or announce

affirm or declare as an attribute or quality of

praise, glorify, or honor

References in classic literature ?
So, as soon as he had returned safely to Nottingham, he sent messengers north and south, and east and west, to proclaim through town, hamlet, and countryside, this grand shooting match, and everyone was bidden that could draw a longbow, and the prize was to be an arrow of pure beaten gold.
Our friend the Sheriff of Nottingham hath proclaimed a shooting match, and hath sent messengers to tell of it through all the countryside, and the prize is to be a bright golden arrow.
Then the herald stood forth and loudly proclaimed the rules of the game as follows:
On his arrival in England, the Prince of Orange was proclaimed king, by the name of William III.
After much grave smoking and deliberating it was at length proclaimed that all who were able to lift a club, man, woman, or child, should muster for "the surround." When all had congregated, they moved in rude procession to the nearest point of the valley in question, and there halted.
Comelec to proclaim winning senators, party-lists simultaneously !-- -- ( - May 17, 2019 - 5:51pm MANILA, Philippines The Commission on Elections, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, will proclaim winners of senatorial and party-list races simultaneously, the poll body's spokesperson said Friday.
It is reiterated that Bureau have stated the extensive operation to apprehend all the proclaimed offenders and in this regard general public is also requested to share the information of our's proclaim offenders / absconders for coming their arrest.
Wilmington, NC, August 29, 2017 --( Proclaim Interactive, a local digital marketing agency, was honored with a 2017 Gold Hermes Award for excellence in website design.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 19, 2017-Abbott to offer Proclaim DRG neurostimulation device designed for DRG therapy and targeted relief of certain types of chronic pain
M2 PHARMA-January 19, 2017-Abbott to offer Proclaim DRG neurostimulation device designed for DRG therapy and targeted relief of certain types of chronic pain
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 26, 2016-Moxon & Barker Selects Eclipse's Proclaim Practice management software solution
As long as we stay focused on Jesus and continue to proclaim him as Lord and Saviour, then whatever becomes of us we really have nothing to fear.
With almost all of the votes counted as of press time, the former president was proclaimed the mayor-elect of the city of Manila after the Commission on Elections (Comelec) decided to lower the threshold needed to proclaim a winner.
In the context of sharp words directed at all things that divide the church (but especially economic status, in this case), Paul recites the words of institution that he had "received from the Lord" and then draws this conclusion from them: "For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes" (v.