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It stands to reason that the increased documentation requirements will result in an even longer processing time and further delay in New York State Medicaid approval.
* For individual returns, normal processing times are 60 to 75 days.
Oriented chains can relax during the processing time, as described above.
Please note that the processing time is substantially delayed for incomplete applications.
* No special new steps are proposed to shorten processing time, though several aspects have that potential, e.g., increased reliance on electronic media and certain expedited renewal procedures.
Unlike other SSM slurry approaches, the SLC process requires virtually no slug pre-preparation equipment or processing time outside of the casting machine.
(2,3) Among them, fluxing no-flow underfill is the most promising one with its reduced processing time and no post cure.
The coalition's aims are four-pronged: First, reduce the processing time for O and P petitions filed by, or on behalf of, nonprofit arts organizations to a maximum of thirty days, and specify that failure to comply with this deadline automatically moves the petition to the PPF service for consideration within fifteen calendar days, without an additional fee; second, permit O and P visa applications to be filed one year before the proposed employment will begin; third, update the petition form and instructions for O and P visas, which are outdated and inaccurate; and fourth, implement uniform policies, procedures, and training at BCIS Service Centers for handling all petitions.
Omron says that since the system operates in self-execution mode it eliminates the time usually required for communication with the host controller, providing the quick processing time needed for high-speed lines.
His no-pluck chickens can potentially reduce processing time, labor cost, and garbage.
In Denmark, the processing time is about four months, while the average time in Finland is up to a year or more.
The typical processing time for a Bitcoin Hyper transaction is two seconds, a speed that equals or exceeds credit card transaction time, making Bitcoin Hyper practical for everyday use by merchants and consumers.
Our latest average processing time is around 25 days for new claims, but processing times for many applications can be much quicker, particularly when all the correct information has been supplied from the outset.
Government agencies engaged in highly technical analysis in order to come up with a decision on business application are exempted from the required processing time under Republic Act 11032 or the East of Doing Business and Efficient Delivery of Government Services, which is due for implementation as soon as its implementing rules and regulations (IRR) shall have been promulgated.
The move will help in bringing down the income tax return (ITR) processing time to one day and hence speed up refunds.