processed cheese

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made by blending several lots of cheese

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Based on product type, processed cheese, and unprocessed cheese sales will continue to exhibit similar CAGRs through 2022.
"But, when making burgers or grilled cheese, nothing melts like processed cheese, so it will always be in the case."
By Product Type: Cheddar and Cheddar Types, Mozzarella and Semi-Soft Cheese, Processed Cheese, Cream and Soft Cheeses and Fresh & Natural Cheeses.
Chinese scientists investigated the effects of different types and concentrations of emulsifying salts--trisodium citrate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate and disodium orthophosphate--on the physicochemical properties of processed cheese. Mozzarella usually isn't the base for processed cheese, but it might be an option for future development.
And when the sun does shine, you gotta make use of it." If you're the sort of person who gets the barbecue out in March, you won't need much persuading, but if you don't usually go in for al fresco dining, Jamie is here to prove cooking outdoors doesn't have to mean sticking a processed cheese slice on a burger that's burnt on the outside but suspiciously pink inside.
The JV, PT Megmilk Snow Brand Indonesia, will combines the overseas material purchasing power of ITOCHU, the technology of Snow Brand and the domestic sales force of RODAMAS to actively pursue business in the country, where the market size of processed cheese is expected to further expand.
Initially, it was used as a preservative in processed cheese products.
The topics include current legislation on processed cheese and related products, emulsifying salts, processed cheese plans and equipment, packaging materials and equipment, and producing analogue cheeses.
Multiple flavors and formats make processed cheese a consumer favorite
Processed cheese is extremely popular with kids our age.
IRISH scientists claim to have cracked a major issue in bad diets by making healthier processed cheese.
For years, consumers and food professionals alike have turned to pasteurized processed cheese for superior meltability, mild and appealing taste, and versatility in a wide array of cooking applications.
The conservation charity is also warning against putting out salty leftovers, such as salted peanuts, crisps, processed cheese and the remains of ready meals.