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Synonyms for processed

subjected to a special process or treatment

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freed from impurities by processing


prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process

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Twenty civilian applications processed during the same period required an average of 85 days from the submission of the application to the hiring date.
Central drying systems can be more economical to install and operate than others, particularly where large quantifies of similar materials are processed in multiple machines.
All Medi-Cal admissions through midnight on Monday had to be processed internally to be ready for review by the nurse during her Tuesday visit.
These processes are similar in many ways to the handwritten tax returns received and processed by the IRS.
After the fibre has been separated from the ligning, it is processed. The remaining ligning and water solution, about 12 to 15 per cent solids, is sent to the boiler.
In the process, magnesium alloy feedstock is thermally processed by the rotating screw and then injected into a die cavity.
"These materials can't be processed together for recycling," Gutowski says, "because the resulting mix won't have any of the [original] desired properties.
Again, the response of the blends prepared by internal batch mixer are inconsistent with those processed in the twin screw extruder with 52 s residence time.
He says he looks for a technical-service representative that can provide "absolute knowledge" of a material so that it can be processed in a cost-effective manner.
This is particularly useful because information from a scanned and captured document--say an invoice or a check--can be recognized by an optical reader as letters, numbers and symbols and then processed by a computer.