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Synonyms for processed

subjected to a special process or treatment

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freed from impurities by processing


prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process

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Twenty civilian applications processed during the same period required an average of 85 days from the submission of the application to the hiring date.
volume of castings to be processed in a given time.
This is a significant benefit as Real Capital addresses a growing number of applications that need to be processed within a set period of time.
Foundry sands containing a large percentage of fines must be processed to meet concrete and asphalt mix design requirements.
Household expenditure on processed food continue to increase spreading to convenience-food stores and demand for ready-to-eat food items so popular among the younger generation.
For example, can the data be collected, processed and utilized in a manner timely enough to be effective in maintaining the process and the end product?
According to experts, owing to high potentiality this sector can achieve high productivity without cutting on consumer demand for processed food.