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Synonyms for processed

subjected to a special process or treatment

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freed from impurities by processing


prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process

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Actual completion time of 50 percent of the applicants hired were processed in 30 days or less.
Sand processed through a reclaimer is typically user-ready, especially if the fines have been removed in the reclamation process.
During the progress of its chapters the report begins with a profile of processed food and beverage sector in Japan in 2005 followed by chapter 3 making a comparative study of the market in Japan vis-a-vis Asia Pacific.
It is assessed that both processed food exports and value-added agricultural produce will grow faster in the coming years enabling food processing industry in India to earn profits in leaps and bounds over the next five years.
With rapid industrialization and heightened urbanization, consumption habits have shifted more towards processed food and value added food products.
In today's 'paper-to-follow' world, checks still need to be matched and reconciled with information captured and processed electronically.
Tevet's solution relies on rapid, broad spectral analysis using multiple optical sensors positioned above the processed wafer.