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Synonyms for process

Synonyms for process

a writ issued by authority of law

deal with in a routine way

perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information

institute legal proceedings against

deliver a warrant or summons to someone

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Here we expand on previous work [3-6] and report on the fabrication of glassy carbon submicrostructures using "soft-lithography" techniques with processable BODA-derived reactive intermediates.
The most essential "barriers" are thermal operations and the operations accompanied by superficial deformation and reinforcement, as they change a microstructure of a processable material, microgeometry of a formed surface, result in buckling of details and even lead to distortion of its form.
Our first aim is to provide dynamically created machine processable user profiles to the Web servers.
Once a Revenue Officer determines an offer to be processable, but subsequently rejects the offer for some reason, the taxpayer who filed the offer will gain an automatic right to appeal the rejected offer.
The process developed aims to obtain the main metals Ni, Cu, Co, Mo and FeMn as alloys or other readily processable form.
AGC uses PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, MFA, PFA and ECA resins to produce Fluon melt processable compounds, which can be processed using extrusion, injection and compression molding techniques.
The topics include the synthesis and properties of polyoxadiazoles, polysulfone-based ionomers, high-performance processable aromatic polyamides, the effects of structures on properties of new polytriazole resins, high performance fibers, and liquid crystalline thermoset epoxy resins.
On the RDK 90 production line, which is the largest version of the automatic pressure forming machines, featuring up to 900 mm processable material width and 700 mm index length, trays are produced which are similar to those sold as sales and keep-fresh packages for food articles, by processing APET on an 18-up tool at a speed of 55 cycles/min.
Vinyl alcohol has been made melt processable by copotymerization with ethylene in EVOH, but the result is not water soluble nor biodegradable.
They are also melt processable, allowing nonwovens producers to make FR fabrics without having to reduce line speeds.
It could also determine that the refund is not processable and disallow it on the basis that the taxpayer failed to respond to the information request, or it could insist on full compliance with the refund claim regulations.
A major breakthrough occurred in 1985-1986 with the synthesis of highly conjugated, conducting, and processable poly(3-alkylthiophene)s (see Figure 1E) [5].
LATER T is a processable PTT polymer with near-equal end performance to PBTs and PETs.
As he said, tomato products, dessert products, soups and sauces, cream, mayonnaise, margarine, ice cream, puddings and jellies are all pumpable, processable and packagable.