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Synonyms for process

Synonyms for process

a writ issued by authority of law

deal with in a routine way

perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information

institute legal proceedings against

deliver a warrant or summons to someone

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The production of BODA-derived submicrogratings was successfully accomplished using "soft-lithography" techniques with processable branched polyarlyene intermediates formed by carefully controlled Bergman cyclopolymerization of BODA monomers.
For its part, Ciba supplies Ciba Flamestab NOR 116, a melt processable non-halogenated flame retardant that has demonstrated excellent FR effect in polyolefin fibers, including nonwovens.
Following these first studies on the synthesis and characterization of various processable, conducting polymers, it became quite clear that the synthesis of well-defined (hopefully, defect-free) conjugated polymers should lead to a significant improvement in the performance of these polymeric materials.
Fluon melt processable compounds, based on copolymer resins FEP, ETFE, PFA, PVDF, MFA or ECTFE, are said to be important materials for parts and components used in automotive, industrial, aerospace, transit and appliance applications because they impart physical toughness and high resistance to heat and chemicals.
This material is processable with good mechanical properties and is a suitable wire or cable insulation.
These products include a highly concentrated vegetable-based microemulsion ideal for cold processable, effective cleansing and care applications particularly for wet wipe concepts; a "green" pearlizing wax dispersion for hair and body cleansing formulations based on mild Cognis' APG surfactants that serves the trend toward natural beauty products; a range of sugar surfactants for extraordinary mild skin and hair cleansing; and a preservative-free vegetal hair growth inhibitor.
While all Extem resins are melt processable, the Extem XH family offers better flow properties.
A determination that the offer meets these minimum requirements means that the offer is processable.
Fluon melt processable compounds are based on copolymer resins FEP, ETFE, PFA, PVDF.
Venkataraman and Young developed a foamable fluoropolymer material consisting of a partially-crystalline melt processable perfluoropolymer and a foam nucleator based on sulfonic and phosphonic acids.
Solution processing will be especially attractive for new PV lines where existing vapor deposition equipment is not already entrenched, and solution processable TCs will become an even bigger factor as the relative importance of flexible PV increases over the next decade.
Also showing Alcryn Melt Processable Rubber, a partially crosslinked, halogenated ethylene-copolymer alloy.
The IRS initially determines whether an OIC is processable.
To achieve maximum efficiency in white PIN OLED devices, Novaled uses evaporation processable outcoupling layers - thin NET-61 layers in n-doped ETLs.
Is put out to tender the installation and implementation of the software S2A in the SAP environment ILB to the creation of the processable ABACUS / DaVinci Record Types to and processed.