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a method of printing colored reproductions from halftone plates

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Features running registration for process printing, flame treatment, uv curing, and automatic feeding and restacking.
Steve Jeffrey, president of Imex, said Hollander Home Fashions was the first to use the four-color process printing on the bags.
An iridescent look is created with four color process printing on this elegant pressure sensitive label.
Di-Na-Cal also received a process printing award and a security printing award for Top One Oil Products labels.
The use of metallised film linked to gravure process printing offered the company the visual appeal it was looking for, especially as it was able to print each design in seven colours.
Combining technologically advanced products with hands-on training programs, the new MasterPrint system is designed to give printers the tools to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and creativity with the new generation of four-color process printing.
We offer 8 color process printing, up to 5 color silk-screening, hot-stamping and label application.
In the wine industry, printing capabilities include: foil stamping, silk screening, embossing, unusual shape die cutting, high quality, four-color process printing with up to 10 color capability.
Tetra Pak has installed a new Flexo Process printing machine at its production plant in Wrexham, North Wales.
The Process Guide provides the color standard for four-color process printing by organizing the spectrum of more than 3,000 process colors in a logical display.
Miles Label can also provide eight-color capabilities with foil stamping as one of the colors with UV coatings and four-color process printing and doming, along with one color short and long runs.
This company, part of the UK packaging giant, Bemis Co Inc, was recognised for their work by being awarded prizes in two categories - Process Printing on Wide Web non Polyethylene and Screen Printing on non Polyethylene.
Featured products include Pharmaflex UV inks for high definition UV printing, silicone-free UV rotary screen inks, and Performa water-based inks with low viscosity, extended press stability and high strength for high definition process printing. Also featured are Optafilm water-based film inks, Water Bright high-sheen metallic inks, UltraFlo Fluorescent inks, security inks and coatings, and Ink Miser computerized ink batching system.
It is a one-side coated high-gloss and high-brightness wrapper paper featuring excellent print-side smoothness and ink holdout for high fidelity process printing. Stora Enso says LumiLabel G has high opacity for good laminated brightness and is proven to run well in high-speed packaging lines.
The Flexographic Process Printing Symposium will be held March 29-31.
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