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Synonyms for problematical

Synonyms for problematical

open to doubt or debate

making great mental demands

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But the delivery on the promises has been more problematical, not least in the face of the determined opposition among GPs themselves who felt their workload was on an upward curve akin to the blood pressure of some patients.
Dinesh Reddy makes the registration of the FIR highly problematical," the statement adds.
The return journey proved more problematical however, with many guests resigned to walking home, while nine people had to 'bed down' at the Thick Hollins club.
58, live on SIS), although confirming the form in Thursday's 695m final might be more problematical.
The CRoC increases soldier survivability by replacing manual pressure with compression placed on large vessels and direct pressure to problematical wounds by screwing tightly its vise-like clamp design.
The new equipment overcomes the problematical occurrence facing many organisations when bagged bulk materials such as hygroscopic chemicals, certain types of spice blends, heat-sensitive products and many more have compacted and solidified during storage and shipment.
This makes plating chemistry easier to control, and eliminates a costly and often problematical piece of equipment.
He can be with the team before, after and at half-time, whereas a UEFA ban is far more problematical for a manager.
Belfast is not renowned for sunny, warm days in mid-October, and if there are strong winds, that could be problematical.
Perhaps as problematical for the mayor is the appearance on You Tube of a video of the forum.
There must not be a situation were a less problematical authority can pay a higher salary than a social worker working in such high profile areas as Haringey in London or Lady wood in Birmingham.
Especially problematical to open-shop contractors is a provision requiring contractors to maintain "bona fide" apprenticeship programs for the trades in their work forces.
He predicted the requirement for high-level approval would be "very problematical.
The Ninth has always been more than a little problematical.
But like any phrase that tries to offer a way to live your life in less than 10 words, it can be problematical.