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the area of cognitive psychology that studies the processes involved in solving problems

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Collaborative problem solving refers to an individual's skills in a situation in which they take part in problem solving with virtual team members on a computer.
Moreover, the problem-solving pathway may vary from one problem solver to another because of the interrelationship between dynamic problem exploration and problem solving (Sprenger & Dougherty, 2012).
The program which was developed based on the previous programs by Sror in 2011 that suits the Arabic culture, consisted of introduction, skills of thinking and problem solving in addition to 75 applicable activities to train the students.
Key words: Mathematical Problem Solving, Mathematics Education, Experienced teachers
As evidenced by the title, Problem Solving in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy; A Skills-Based, Collaborative Approach is written as a guide specifically for mental health providers working with young people in clinical situations.
This volume outlines creative problem solving skills and techniques for managers in all areas.
The purpose of this study was to explore and compare factors that influence college students' problem solving in China, Taiwan, and the United States.
In a new study, Jennifer Wiley and Andrew Jarosz of the University of Illinois at Chicago have explored the role of working memory capacity in both mathematical and creative problem solving.
It is important to determine and develop problem solving skills of gifted and talented children, who have different emotional characteristics compared to peers, in terms of using their potentials at the highest level.
In order to determine problem solving skills of the subjects in research sample, "problem solving scale" called Form-A (PSI-A), originally named "Problem Solving Inventory" and developed by P.
Problem solving expedites the personal development of a child and accelerates improvement of the child's abilities, sense of self-esteem, and self-confidence (Bingham, 1998).
The eighth edition of this textbook on problem solving and programming concepts provides computer science students with revised content on object-oriented programming, game development, case logic structure, return values and database management as well as additional contributions from a new co-author.
According to James Rooney and Deborah Hopen, authors of "Problem Solving Should Be like Treasure Hunting" in the Journal for Quality & Participation, "The fundamental approach that separates structured problem solving from other methods is root cause determination.
The process of problem solving that includes analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and conceptualization, produces better judgment and decision-making.
Greene (Director of the Collaborative Problem Solving Institute in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School) and J.
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