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Synonyms for probity

Synonyms for probity

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complete and confirmed integrity

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The idea of absolute financial probity as the first law of a gentleman's code was too deeply ingrained in him for sentimental considerations to weaken it.
* William Penn was termed Minquon by the Delawares, and, as he never used violence or injustice in his dealings with them, his reputation for probity passed into a proverb.
"I will not," continued he, after a moment's silence, "conceal from you, that while your probity and exactitude up to this moment are universally acknowledged, yet the report is current in Marseilles that you are not able to meet your liabilities." At this almost brutal speech Morrel turned deathly pale.
Darcy; but he will vouch for the good conduct, the probity, and honour of his friend, and is perfectly convinced that Mr.
I urge this not because I doubt the moral probity of those who disburse the funds, but because I know that they are not rightly applied.
CHORUS Respect a man whose probity and troth Are known to all and now confirmed by oath.
This report sets out the Central Bank's performance against standards and deadlines it has committed to for the authorisation of financial service providers and fitness and probity applications.
'The disingenuous campaign is aimed at discrediting the push for probity and accountability in the state, something we know is against the fullness of the aspirations of the people of Oyo state, who on March 9, overwhelmingly invested their mandate on Engineer Seyi Makinde as Governor,' the PDP said.
Mr Penn took the view, to which he is entitled, that the incident spoke of the probity of an aspirant to the highest office in the land and was therefore a matter of public interest.
Summary: Ballia (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 14 (ANI): Claiming his probity while asserting that he has been in office for more than 2 decades - first as chief minister of Gujarat and then as prime minister - Narendra Modi has openly challenged the opposition to prove his involvement in any corruption scam.
This raises pertinent questions as to how impartial and effective it can be in investigating misconduct by judges.Like Caesar's wife, the probity of the JSC should, and must, not come into question.
Koku Anyidoho said this in Koforidua Saturday in an interview with the media at the sidelines of National Cadres conference being held in collaboration with the Fredrich- Elbert Stefftung for the Southern Sector under the theme :Re-Tracing the Spirit of Probity and Accountability -The Role of Cadres.
Only IHMA members are entitled to register holograms (because that is the only way the IHMA can be sure of the probity of those registering) so it seemed logical to remove the barrier of having to pay to register each hologram.
We had to go through very rigorous pre-screening requirements and probity check.