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Synonyms for probity

Synonyms for probity

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complete and confirmed integrity

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The idea of absolute financial probity as the first law of a gentleman's code was too deeply ingrained in him for sentimental considerations to weaken it.
William Penn was termed Minquon by the Delawares, and, as he never used violence or injustice in his dealings with them, his reputation for probity passed into a proverb.
I will not," continued he, after a moment's silence, "conceal from you, that while your probity and exactitude up to this moment are universally acknowledged, yet the report is current in Marseilles that you are not able to meet your liabilities.
Darcy; but he will vouch for the good conduct, the probity, and honour of his friend, and is perfectly convinced that Mr.
I urge this not because I doubt the moral probity of those who disburse the funds, but because I know that they are not rightly applied.
But such strange goings-on at the nation's seat of power do not inspire confidence or pass the test of probity in the management of public affairs.
So far the local authority and Arch have refused to divulge exactly why the deal went through, leading to concerns being expressed about the probity behind it.
In addition, the Constitution requires that a member of the judiciary (including the Supreme Court) must be a person of proven competence, integrity, probity, and independence.
He maintained that the decision to refund the money to the pilgrims was borne out of the priority the incumbent administration attached to transparency and probity.
The alliance of bookmakers and jockeys sits at best uneasily and at worst unhealthily in a sport over which it is essential to convey probity.
Along with this, a system of public integrity will be implemented to promote the probity and ethics of public officials.
Bastions of probity such as Charlie Haughey, Bertie Ahern, Pee Flynn, Liam Lawlor and Ray Burke will be mentioned as will the fact that hundreds of thousands of residents had non-resident accounts while an elite 200, including Haughey, had their cash stashed with Ansbacher in the Cayman Islands.
com)-- Probity Pools offers new clients a discount of $30.
The briefing included holding of the committee to a number of symposiums, lectures and workshops on issues relating to the combating of corruption, especially the act of the Commission for Transparency, Probity and the Combating of Corruption.