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Synonyms for probing

possessing or displaying perceptions of great accuracy and sensitivity

Synonyms for probing

diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation

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Bleeding on probing is one of the manifestations of the possibility of periodontal disease at its onset.
Through Precio's support of advanced options and a new modular design, we have created a probing solution that can truly help customers lower their test cell operating costs beyond the prober itself, while providing technology and throughput improvements to meet the probing challenges of next generation logic, memory and SOC devices," said Steve Nagasawa, general manager of TEL's Test Systems Business Unit.
TEL) has announced the release of the company's new Probing Accuracy Diagnosis System, TELPADS-O.
FormFactor offers the industry's only comprehensive KGD solution and was clearly the right choice for our wafer probing requirements," said Masahide Ozawa, president, Tera Probe.
As the trend in integrated circuit design moves toward internal operating voltages below 1 volt and the use of 65 nanometer design rules, measuring signals from these devices using standard probing technology is nearly impossible.
Nasdaq:FORM), a leading provider of advanced wafer probe cards, today announced shipment of the 500th FormFactor BladeRunner(TM)175 (BR175) product, a 175-um pitch wafer probing solution for high-performance flip chip System-On-Chip (SoC) devices targeted to 90-, 65- and 45-nanometer process nodes.
NYSE:A) today announced the first Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) probing solutions, which include additional support for the Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC) standard and help developers increase flexibility in testing their high-speed standards.
The FS4400 allows non-intrusive probing of PCI-Express buses at a data rate of 2.
The BR175 Multi-DUT card incorporates the Company's proprietary MicroForce(TM) probing technology and probe planarity technologies which enable the testing of area array flip chip bumps with significantly reduced probe force, in turn minimizing the risk of cracking fragile inter-layer dielectric materials.
The Harmony architecture addresses the significant challenges presented by the future demands of single touch down wafer probing and very high parallelism wafer test, and will be the key building block for FormFactor's future generations of Flash, DRAM, Wafer Level Burn-in and High Frequency probing solutions.