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tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation


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The uncorroborated statements of Adorco, which are the only evidence against the respondents have no probative value and are inadmissible in evidence against them,' the resolution stated.
At a granular level, the sheer number of rules of evidence is vast, (5) but PFEL surveys the major federal rules with emphasis on probative value, counterweights to relevant evidence, character evidence, competency of witnesses, privileges, impeachment, hearsay, limited admissibility, (6) and expert and scientific evidence.
In July 2015, Ban summarised the Panel's findings, explaining that the panel had assigned moderate probative value to information supporting the hypothesis of an aerial attack --or other interference--as a possible cause of the crash.
38) The court also found that the probative value of the animation "clearly" outweighed its potential inflammatory effect on the jury.
Armed with this certainty, Picquart then reviewed the documents of the dossier secret and saw that there was nothing in them of probative value.
Balancing Probative Value with the Rule 403 Concerns
The Third District did not discuss off-premises crime of any sort and did not say or imply anything about the probative value of off-premises crime.
The Assessor argued that Kokomo Mall's appraisal, and the corroborating testimony, lacked probative value because it contained errors, but the Assessor did nothing to impeach or rebut Kokomo Mall's evidence.
A General Assembly appropriations committee Tuesday considered a resolution asking Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to appoint, "an independent panel of experts to examine new information and to assess its probative value.
Judge Posner suggested that this creates a "war of words" that can undermine the probative value of consumer surveys.
23) Courts and commentators justify the exclusion because they fear a jury will place too much emphasis on the defendant's past crimes or bad acts, punishing the defendant for those prior misdeeds or overestimating their probative value.
evidence is relevant, judges may exclude it if its probative value on
recognize the diminished probative value of youth records.