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Synonyms for probationer

Synonyms for probationer

a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial period

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someone released on probation or on parole

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The enthusiasm and dedication shown by probationers at a special induction session ahead of the new school term will be welcomed by parents.
Each probationer is held accountable to fully participate-in all aspects of programming.
"Waiting to see if the probationer asks the court to comply with its statutory duty does not constitute the circuit court making 'every reasonable effort'," the majority concluded.
During the three-month 'A' course, the probationers learn about prosecutions as they are posted to different courts, and later a final examination is held.
Nunez, 33, of the 1600 block of Westminster in Naperville, was charged with custodial sexual misconduct and official misconduct after authorities said he had inappropriate contact with a female probationer.
An important aspect of the second type of supervision, treatment-oriented supervision, is the support and guidance the probation officer offers to the probationer. (15) It is important to examine the relationship between probation officer and probationer because, as Taxman states,
"It is always a joy to see young probationers become choristers," said Philip.
Isabelle added: "The event is a perfect culmination to a successful year, as the probationers moved towards the end of their induction process and on to secured teaching posts.
Among the probationer SIs, there was a PhD degree holder, four having M Phil, and 128 having master degrees.
The DFE consists of a process evaluation of HOPE'S implementation in the four sites, an outcome evaluation examining probationer violations and recidivism for individuals in HOPE versus those on traditional probation, and a cost-benefit analysis of HOPE versus traditional probation.
Similarly, the term means suspension of a final appointment to an office until a person temporarily appointed (who is called a probationer) has by his conduct termed himself to be fit to till it.
Those assistant sub-inspectors promoted in the substantive rank of officiating sub- inspectors were ASI Muzaffar Khan, Shafi Mohammad, Israr Ali, Abdul Qayyum, Mushtaq Hussain, Mawaz Khan, Umar Badshah, Sajjad Haider, Mir Dad, Maqsood Khan, Probationer/ASI Fazal Mehmood, Zeeshan Ahmad, Abbas Ali, Imran Khan, Mujahid Hussain and probationer ASI Abdul Hameed.
A FORMER trade union rep, a teacher, prison of-ficer and a bookmaker are among 23 probationer constables who began their operational duties at Cleveland Police.
A COURT in Dehradun granted bail to one Ruby Choudhary, a fake IAS probationer who had impersontaed an IAS trainee and had stayed at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administration Academy in Mussoorie for seven long months.
No one is required to participate in CLTL, but if a probationer wants time off her sentence or to recoup her court costs, she must complete all the requirements.