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Synonyms for probationer

Synonyms for probationer

a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial period

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someone released on probation or on parole

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Because probation was being "modified" instead of revoked and because the focus was a single, easily verified, recent violation, it was possible to drastically curtail the hearing process; a probationer who gave a dirty urine specimen in the morning would find himself in jail that evening.
In the Glasgow area 161 primary probationers are after 12 jobs.
They are also required to spend more time visiting their clients in their neighbourhoods and homes while an automated check-in program has been created for use by low-risk probationers in order to free officers from desk work.
APPD's goal was to tailor its officers' caseloads to the risk level of their probationers.
In a first, information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari held a 75- minute long session with 30- odd IIS probationers, who are supposedly tuned into current trends of communication world better than their senior counterparts.
Probation officers say field visits to probationers prevent future criminal activity.
Yet inspectors were told that when probationer officers arrive from police college they lacked sufficient skills to deal with the range of investigations they were expected to undertake.
Working a 35-hour week, probationer teachers spend 22.
1 -- color) A sheriff's deputy checks an SUV parked outside an Avenue Q-15 home of a probationer wanted on a drug warrant.
Now probationer PC Lisa Clare Jones has landed the Chief Constable's Cup from the force awards committee for her dedication to duty.
Talking to a group of visiting probationer officer of Information Academy here on Wednesday, she said that she intends to make Radio Pakistan a real source of information, education and entertainment for the masses.
The Register-Guard could not reach the lawyer of a fifth probationer who has reportedly reached a financial settlement with the government.
However, one probationer recently smuggled out at least a dozen documents to expose the problem.
Visits also allow the probation officer to see how life seems to be going for the probationer and whether they need help in dealing with challenges they face outside