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under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon

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For the next year he was listed as a probationary trooper.
He also gave away certificates to 33 probationary officers,including women.
The new officers could be terminated without union representation because they were still in their one-year probationary period, the spokesman said.
Employers may find the use of probationary periods useful in overall staffing decisions," says Marta Moakley, legal editor for XPertHR USA in New Providence, New Jersey.
The force's director of human resources, Mark Milton, said the 14 faced probationary hearings which resulted in 13 being dismissed and one resigning.
We have investigated these claims and as a result 13 PCSOs faced probationary hearings which have resulted in all 13 being dismissed from the force.
The bank plans to employ around 1500 new probationary officers in the current year to meet the HR requirements.
But those who fail to do so will remain probationary citizens for up to five years.
This study found that the probationary admissions policy and required enhancement seminar of the social work program were effective in increasing the diversity of the student body.
Have to spend at least one year as a probationary citizen when they will be ineligible for council housing or most benefits
Nalini had approached the court, as the board had not considered the report of the probationary officer earlier.
The bank is planning to hire around 20,000 to 22,000 clerical staff as well as 5,500 probationary officers in 2010.
The judge will need to search his soul but whether I get a probationary sentence or life, there is still the stigma of the three convictions.
That means selecting those probationary candidates who love the North and share their long-term, idealistic vision of silviculture.
The three-judge panel unanimously agreed with the Marin Community College District that Jeff Kamler's instructional research and development work does not count toward the 60-percent requirement for probationary service en route to permanent status.